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Playing Habits: Creating Good Ones with Your Puppy

An active dog is a happy and healthy dog. That’s why exercise needs to be a fixture of your pet’s routine. Aside from exercise, you can also keep your pet active by playing with them. Regular play sessions are important whether you have an adult dog or a puppy.

Playtime yields all kinds of benefits for our precious pets. According to Pedigree, playing with your dog stimulates their mind and improves their social skills. You can also form a stronger bond with your puppy by regularly playing with them.

Notably, there are correct and incorrect ways to play with your puppy. The latter can develop bad habits that may cause your pet to misbehave. Maintain your pet’s good behavior by following the training tips in this article!

Identify the Toys and Games Your Puppy Enjoys

Puppies enjoy playing, but that doesn’t mean they will react fondly to all toys and games. They still have preferences that will affect their level of excitement and engagement. As the pet owner, your job involves identifying the toys and games your puppy likes the most.

Toys you can present to your puppy include balls, raggers, and plushies. See how your puppy will react to them and identify the one your puppy likes the most. Remember their choice so you can quickly capture their interest during playtime.

When it comes to games, dogs tend to like playing tug of war and fetch. You should also gauge your puppy’s interest in those games.

Set Rules for Playtime

Some puppies go wild during playtime. They may start jumping and running the moment they see their favorite toy. Getting them to settle down at that point may prove to be a difficult task.

You should be able to rein your puppy in by establishing some simple rules.

For instance, don’t engage your puppy in playtime until they have calmed down. Show them that playing isn’t on the table until they behave.

Teaching your dog to abide by the rules of their preferred game is also a must. Enlist the aid of a professional trainer if your puppy is having a tough time abiding by those rules.

Don’t forget to follow the rules yourself. Failing to follow your established rules will only confuse your pup. That may only lead to your puppy misbehaving more often.

Check if Your Puppy Wants to Play

It may come as a surprise, but sometimes your puppy is not up for playing. That may be the case because they’re tired or hungry.

Regardless of why your pet rejects playtime, you should listen to them. Don’t force them to play because they may associate negative emotions with it.

Try to Play as Often as Possible

Last but not least, you should try to make playtime a fixture of your puppy’s schedule. Try to play with them every day, even if the sessions have to be on the shorter side.

Playing with your puppy can help with their proper development. Hopefully, the tips in this article will make those play sessions more fruitful for you and your beloved pet!

Your puppy needs regular playtime to stay fit and healthy. If you don’t have the time to fit it into your schedule, TAILored Pet Services can help by helping establish good playing habits. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 or visit our dog walking page to learn more about our services.



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