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Eliminate Urine Marking – Part Two

If you don’t eliminate urine marking, your home could fill up with nasty odors and cause lasting damage to your furniture and fixtures. Taking immediate action to resolve urine marking is highly recommended because it can quickly become a serious issue.

In an earlier article, we highlighted some methods you can employ to curb your pet’s urine marking. This article details other effective methods you can try that involve the aid of professionals.

Spay or Neuter Your Pet to Eliminate Urine Marking

Spaying or neutering your pet is highly recommended if you don’t want to deal with an excessive number of pets. You should also consider spaying or neutering your dog to help slow down population growth.

Those are already good enough reasons to sign up for spaying or neutering. Notably, the aforementioned procedures are even more helpful if you’re trying to address urine marking.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, neutering reduces various forms of sexually motivated behaviors exhibited by male dogs. Neutering lowers the chances that your male dog will engage in urine marking. Spaying has a similar effect on female dogs.

Crucially, you must spay or neuter your pet early enough so urine marking hasn’t turned into a habit for them. Wait too long, and marking may become second nature for your pet. They may continue to engage in that behavior even without the motivating factors that influence other animals.

Invest in Dog Training

First-time pet owners may have a hard time handling the separation anxiety their dog shows. Admittedly, a puppy’s mournful howls have a way of piercing the heart. Still, you cannot drop all your responsibilities for the sake of your pet.

Instead of clearing your schedule for your pet, you must teach them to become comfortable with a few quiet hours at home. An animal behaviorist can design a modification program that will help change your pet’s mindset. The animal behaviorist will work closely with your dog to ensure they won’t feel stressed out whenever you leave.

Keep your dog in that program, and the results will eventually show. Following training, you’ll be able to leave home without worrying that your home will turn into a mess while you’re out.

Hire a Trusted Dog Walker

Enlisting the aid of an animal behaviorist may not be an option for you due to the current state of your finances. In that case, you should hire a dog sitter instead.

As mentioned in a previous article, stress can contribute to your dog’s urine marking habits. One way to reduce their stress levels is to hire a dog walker to take them on longer stroll to burn off some of your dog’s energy.  The walker can also spend time with your pet and keep them calm while you focus on work or other matters. They can provide the type of companionship your pet needs so they don’t become anxious.

It will take some time before your pet gets used to their dog walker. During the first few sessions, your pet may even attempt to mark while he/she is in your home. Stay patient and give the two of them enough time to bond. Once your pet grows close to their walker, you can feel good about letting them handle supervision for extended periods of time.

Consult a Veterinarian to Eliminate Urine Marking

Last but not least, you can eliminate your pet’s urine marking habits by taking them to a veterinarian. A veterinarian can help address your dog or puppy’s marking issues in two different ways.

For starters, your veterinarian can check if your pet’s unusual urination patterns are related in any way to some kind of illness or abnormality. If further testing confirms that a health issue causes your pet’s marking, the veterinarian can promptly treat it.

Should the testing confirm that behavioral or environmental factors cause your pet’s urine marking, the vet can respond by prescribing medication that eases their anxiety. The medication can calm your pet down and discourage them from urine marking. Anxiety medication is even more effective if paired with a training program.

Urine marking doesn’t have to be a persistent problem that everyone in your household has to live with. The potential solutions detailed in this article can resolve urine marking for good. Choose whichever method makes the most sense for you and your pet, and marvel at the results.

Want to eliminate urine marking through exercise? Address the issue by hiring a professional dog walker. Visit our dog walking service page for more information.



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