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Destructive Chewing: Prevent Habit

Destructive chewing is a habit and it’s a bad one for any dog to pick up. Now that you know that your dog has developed that habit, you cannot be certain that your valuables will be safe from them.

So, what’s the best way to stop your dog from engaging in that habit? Well, teaching them to develop other habits is a productive countermeasure.

In this article, we’ve detailed certain habits that can help counteract a dog’s tendency to chew destructively. Develop them together with your dog so you can keep their destructive tendencies in check.

Teach Your Dog an Exercise Routine

Exercise is important for any dog. It helps them avoid chronic health issues and it provides some much-needed mental stimulation. Giving your dog ample exercise opportunities is also highly recommended if they picked up the habit of destructive chewing recently.

Taking your dog out for walks can prevent destructive chewing in two different ways.

First off, your dog or puppy will be less likely to chew random objects if they come home tired and happy from their walk. They may just sleep for most of the day and relax until you get home.

The mental stimulation exercising provides is also vital because it prevents boredom. By keeping your dog mentally stimulated in some way, they will become less inclined to destroy your possessions.

30 minutes of exercise should suffice for most dogs. Break that up into separate exercise sessions so your dog doesn’t get bored. If you’re having trouble accommodating your pet’s adjusted exercise routine, remember that you can always approach a professional dog walker for assistance.

Spend More Time Playing with Your Dog

Walking your dog puts them in the type of physical and mental state that discourages destructive chewing. Notably, there are other ways for you to get your dog in that specific state.

For instance, playing with your dog or puppy can be very helpful if you’re trying to stop them from chewing objects inside your home.

Aside from providing the essential benefits that are associated with exercising, playing with your dog also offers a great bonding opportunity. Play with them one-on-one and grow closer in the process. If you have other pets at home, you can also have them join during playtime.

Playtime can also take place away from your home. Go to a nearby park and give your pet the chance to mingle with other dogs in the area. By the time your pet is done playing, destructive chewing will be the last thing on their mind.

Establish a Routine for Your Dog

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs benefit significantly from knowing what to expect. They add that establishing a routine can help boost your pet’s confidence and it can also have a positive impact on the relationship you two have. More importantly for the purposes of this article, setting a routine can prevent the development of undesirable habits.

A good routine should account for the various key aspects of your dog’s daily life. Set defined schedules for their meals, their walks, and the opportunities they get to do their bathroom business. Even setting playtimes is a good idea.

With a routine to lean on, your dog can feel more confident and less anxious about the things going on around them. They won’t have to turn to destructive chewing to alleviate that anxiety either.

Change the Way You Interact with Your Dog

Your dog may enjoy being the center of your attention more than you expected. When you scolded them the last time they chewed your shoe, their main takeaway from it may have been the length of time you were with them.

To prevent your dog from developing that misconception, you need to change your approach.

If your dog chews and destroys something, pick it up but don’t pay attention to your dog. Don’t give them the reward they were likely seeking. Avoid interacting with your pet for a short while after they engage in destructive chewing so they can get the right message.

Destructive chewing is a bad habit. It’s a habit you can keep from emerging if you encourage your dog to pick up the right habits. Following the tips detailed here will put your pet on the right habit development path.

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