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Autumn Excursions: Essential Safety Tips for Your Dog or Puppy

Autumn is the best season to train your dog or puppy. It’s an especially good time for training because you can stay outdoors with your pet for extended periods. However, you cannot go on those outdoor excursions without making the proper preparations first.

Don’t underestimate the dangers posed by fall’s outdoor environments. Learn to protect your pet from common autumn hazards by following the tips in this article.

Purchase the Appropriate Safety Gear for Your Pet

Accidents can happen while exploring forests and hiking trails with your pet. The line between a painful but survivable injury and a fatal one is thinner than we would like to admit. That’s why buying safety gear for your pet is a must.

Start by considering buying some booties for your dog. Those booties can provide ample protection against sharp rocks and twigs.

You should also get a reflective leash or harness if you intend to head out on early morning or nighttime walks with your dog. Poor visibility can lead to tragic accidents. Prevent them from happening by ensuring both you and your pet are visible at all times.

Stop Your Pet from Eating Items They Find on the Ground

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. If your dog finds something unusual on the ground that seems vaguely edible, chances are they will chow down. Puppies are even more likely to engage in that behavior.

Don’t assume that your pet having an impromptu snack is no big deal simply because the item they ate is typically edible. According to PetMD, you should always err on the side of caution. For instance, if your dog eats a mushroom in the wild. The website notes that some wild mushrooms are toxic and even deadly. Any delay in securing emergency care could put your pet’s life at risk.

Other potentially hazardous foods your dog may find in the wild include apples (the seeds), tomatoes, and certain nuts. Keep your pet safe by avoiding those items during your outdoor excursions.

Scout Your Trails Beforehand During Autumn

Finally, you can ensure safer travels together with your pet by scouting your trails ahead of time. Decide where you want to go and go without your dog first to see if it’s suitable for dogs. Choose an easy trail if this is your first time hiking with your pet. See how they react to that easy hike before you take on more challenging trails.

Printing out a map of your chosen trail is also highly recommended. You don’t want to get lost because your phone loses connection to cellular and wifi. Have that map handy so you and your pet can return to safety no matter what happens.

Exploring the great outdoors with your pet is a lot of fun. Outdoor walks during fall are even more enjoyable because of the cool weather and the beautiful surroundings. Stay safe during those walks by following the tips suggested above!

Do you want some more safety tips for your dog or puppy’s fall excursions? Visit the Ask A Trainer page for the next hour zoom meeting where Cathy will answer your questions.