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Winter Accessories for Adventures with Dog

Winter hikes with your pet dog can be tons of fun! To maximize the enjoyment you get out of your excursion, you need to gear up properly.

In a previous article published on December 2, we highlighted a couple of accessories that could make winter hiking trips more fun for pet owners. We have two more suggestions lined up in this article and they are well worth picking up too.

Hike Safely with Secure Snowshoes in Winter

When traversing icy trails, you have to be certain that your feet remain stable at all times. Even heavy-duty boots may not suffice for snowy terrain. You will need snowshoes.

Per this article from Skis.com, there are three types of snowshoes that winter hikers can choose from. They can either get recreational snowshoes, backcountry snowshoes, or running snowshoes. Recreational snowshoes should be good enough for hiking most trails, but the backcountry variants will likely last longer.

The recreational snowshoes are also great purchases even if you aren’t an avid hiker. Wear them while walking your puppy outside and avoid accidental falls.

Remember to also pick up some winter boots for your dog so they can stay nice and comfortable amidst the snowy conditions (we’ll talk about that in next week’s article).

Gaiters Keep You Comfortable

Gaiters don’t get talked about enough as essential winter hiking accessories. Have you ever tried traversing trails before with water and ice gathering inside your boots? It’s a terrible feeling and allowing your feet to be exposed to all that moisture is also a bad idea from the perspective of your health.

By wearing gaiters during your winter hike, you can stop water and snow from entering your boots. You can also get gaiters that go higher up your pants if you need more protection from unwanted moisture. With gaiters protecting your feet, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors with your pet.

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