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Renaming An Adopted Pet: Should You Do It?

Adopting a new cat or dog can be a life-changing experience for both you and your pet. Early on, it will also be an experience full of adjustments on both sides.

For instance, you will have to make an important decision once you’re back home with your new pet. To be more specific, you must decide if you are going to rename them or not.

Is renaming your adopted pet a good idea? Find out the answer to that question and other related topics by reading on.

Why You Should Rename Your Adopted Pet

Renaming an adopted pet is not always necessary, but there are reasons why it could be a good move on your part. Learn more about those reasons below.

Renaming Your Adopted Pet Gives Both of You a Fresh Start

There’s a good chance that the pet you’re bringing home from the shelter is not a puppy or kitten. Instead, they are likely either an adult already or just about to enter that stage of their life.

Don’t let that deter you from giving them a new name.

According to PetMD, choosing a new name for your pet allows the two of you to get a fresh start. Both of you can even bond over that name change so push forward with it if you want to.

Renaming Your Pet Frees Them from the Past

Your pet may have associated negative feelings to their current name especially if their previous owner was abusive in any way. Even if you’re the one saying it now, they may still flinch a little whenever they hear it.

Give your pet an opportunity to overcome those bad memories by presenting them with a new name.

Renaming Your Pet Could Make Training Easier

A bad name can make training your pet more difficult than it needs to be. That will likely be the case if your pet has an unnecessarily long or confusing name. Take this opportunity to give them a new name and make training easier in the process.

Don’t be afraid of giving your adopted pet a new name. In all likelihood, that kind of change will even be positive for you and your pet.

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