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Pee: Stop Your Puppy from Going Inside Crate – Part 2

All kinds of issues such as pee accidents may arise while you are crate training your puppy. Arguably the most difficult issue to deal with is your pet dog peeing inside the crate.

Your puppy going potty is not the real issue. It’s the fact that they are doing it regularly inside the crate that is the real problem.

In an earlier article, we highlighted some tips that you can follow if you wish to stop that behavior. We have four more tips for you to try in this article.

Tip 1: Don’t Purchase an Oversized Crate for Your Puppy

Dogs don’t like to pee in the same spots where they rest. Typically, that instinct would discourage your puppy from urinating inside their crate. However, that may not happen if the crate is too big.

Your puppy may just urinate on one side of the crate and never sleep there. Prevent your pup from developing that habit by getting an appropriately sized crate. You want a crate big enough for your dog to stand up and do a complete turn, lay down fully and sleep – but not much bigger.

Tip 2: Clean all pee and/or feces thoroughly with a cleaner made for the job

Dogs have an incredibly strong sense of smell. So when we clean up after a potty we need to use a cleaner designed to kill the bacteria that creates odor very effectively. Choose a cleaner that is designed for dog urine & feces and that contains enzymes that break down the proteins and bacteria that cause stains and smells.

Tip 3: Take the Bedding Out of the Crate

When your puppy goes pee inside the crate, they may be targeting the bedding. Your puppy may mistakenly see the bedding as an appropriate receptacle for their urine so you need to get rid of it.

Consider returning the bedding after cleaning it. If your puppy resumes their habit of urinating on the bedding, you should consider removing it for good.

Tip 4: Avoid Scolding Your Puppy

Upon seeing the urine inside the crate, your first instinct may be to scold your puppy. Feeling that way is understandable, but you have to realize that scolding your puppy won’t do much good. They may recognize that you are upset, but they will not associate it with them urinating in the crate unless its been less than a few seconds since they did so.

Be a responsible trainer and avoid scolding or punishing your pet unnecessarily.

Tip 5: Take Your Puppy to the Veterinarian

If the tips provided here haven’t worked, you have to consider the possibility that your puppy is dealing with some sort of condition. According to WebMD, urinating issues in puppies can be caused by congenital problems, infections, and nerve damage. Take your pup to the veterinarian to confirm if there is an underlying cause behind their excessive urination.

Do not allow your puppy to keep urinating inside their crate. Follow the tips we’ve provided in this series of articles, as they can help prevent that bad habit.

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