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Pee: How to Stop Your Puppy from Doing Inside Crate – Part 1

Puppies don’t come to us knowing that we want them to only pee on certain surfaces. Their instincts only guide them to avoid going on the surfaces where they sleep and eat…if they can. Starting out, they have very little ability to ‘hold it’.

If your puppy is relieving itself on your floors, furniture or in their crate, it is important to address the problem – you cannot allow this to persist.

In this series of articles, we will provide tips that will help curb your puppy’s improper potty habits. Check out the first set of tips detailed below.

Tip 1: Remember, Puppies Need to Pee Frequently

First off, you need to set your expectations properly when it comes to your puppy’s potty habits. Puppies don’t hold their pee very well. According to Purina, puppies that are one month or younger typically need to pee hourly.

Don’t keep your puppy in the crate for too long during training because their bladder may not be able to handle it.

Tip 2: Don’t Ignore the Noises Your Puppy Is Making

Your puppy could be making noise inside their crate for several different reasons. One of them could be because they need to pee. If you hear your puppy whimpering or barking while they are in the crate and they haven’t been out to potty for 30 minutes or more, take them.

Tip 3: Make Sure Your Puppy Is Comfortable inside the Crate

As your puppy’s trainer, it is your duty to ensure that they are comfortable inside the crate. Introduce them to the crate properly and make sure that it is appropriately sized for them. Your dog is less likely to urinate inside the crate if they see it as their rest area.

Tip 4: Develop a Routine for Your Puppy

Adopting a routine helps allow your pet to resolve their urine-related troubles. Puppies typically urinate and defecate 10-30 minutes after eating, so take them out after every meal. Praise them and pet immediately after they finish.

Your puppy consistently urinating inside your home and/or their crate is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Trying the tips we’ve detailed here (and being consistent) should help.

If you need any help with your puppy’s house training or crate training, contact us at TAILored Pet Services. You can reach us by calling 425-923-7791 or by visiting puppy training page on our website.








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