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Painting: Should Pet Stay In Home?

An ugly paint job can ruin any design scheme. Re-painting will be necessary if you don’t want to present your home in an unflattering light.

However, the presence of a cat and dog inside your home can make the task of re-painting a bit tricky. That is especially true if you don’t have anyone who can watch over your pets while you are painting.

Should you consider checking your animal companion into a pet hotel if you are planning to re-paint your home? Consider the factors we’ve highlighted below so you can come up with an answer to that question.

The Paint You’re Using

First off, you should consider the type of paint you will use while deciding if your pet can stay or not. Substances that contain VOCs are harmful to animals. If you intend to use something like that, booking a hotel stay for your pet makes sense.

Your cat or dog can stay with you if you’re using something pet-friendly like milk paint or other non-toxic substances.

The Painting Fumes

Fumes coming from the new coat you’ve added can adversely affect your pet. They can cause your pet to feel dizzy and may even induce vomiting.

According to Painters Villa, fumes from regular paints can last for 14 to 24 weeks while the odors of low-VOC paints can linger for about four days. Paints that contain no VOCs will not produce any more odors after two days.

You can use that information to decide how long your pet needs to stay in the hotel or if they need to stay in the hotel at all.

The Available Space You Have at Home

Don’t forget to consider the amount of space you have available before deciding whether or not your pet should stay in a hotel. If you can reserve one room with good ventilation for your pet, then they can probably stay at home.

Booking a stay in a pet hotel can be expensive. Instead of checking your pet into an unfamiliar place, you can allow us at TAILored Pet Services to watch over them while you proceed with painting. We’ll keep them entertained as you work. Call/text 425-923-7791 to sign up for our services!



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