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Painting Safety Around Pets

Re-painting your home may become a necessity after every few years. However, completing that project is easier said than done if you have a cat or dog at home.

You want to push forward with painting, but you don’t want to endanger your pets either. Painting your home is still an option, but you will need to exercise a good amount of caution.

In this article, we highlight the crucial safety tips for painting with pets around. Keep them in mind so you can beautify your home while still safely accommodating your animal companions.

Choose the Right Kind of Paint

As we already discussed in last week’s article, you need to be more discerning when deciding which paint to use if you have pets around. Not all of your options are pet-friendly so take your time to seek out the right item.

Generally speaking, anything non-toxic should be safe for your pets, but you should prioritize those with low to zero VOC content. You can also use milk paint for your project and be confident that it won’t harm your pets.

Eliminate the Fumes as Quickly as Possible

The fumes produced while you’re re-painting your home can be harmful to the health of your pets. You need to eliminate them as soon as possible.

The Spruce recommends using items such as activated charcoal, baking soda, and coffee grounds to neutralize the fumes. Opening your doors and windows while turning your fans to high can also disperse the fumes faster.

Keep Your Pets in a Safe Space

Lastly, you can also opt to keep your pets in one room while you paint your home. Ideally, you should choose a room that your pets already like so they can adjust to staying there easily.

You should only let your pets out to do their business. Otherwise, just allow them to hang out and relax inside that designated safe room.

Safely painting a home is possible even if you have pets staying with you. Simply follow the tips we’ve detailed here and you should be able to complete the project without encountering any issues.

Are you worried about leaving your pet alone while you paint your home? If so, we at TAILored Cat Services can provide assistance. Simply call/text 425-923-7791 or contact us through website if you need someone to watch over your pet.



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