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Paint: Which To Use Around Pets

After some time, the paint on your walls may start to chip away and become discolored. It’s time for you to apply a fresh coat of paint, but that’s not so easy if you share a home with a cat, dog, or perhaps both.

Paint can get on your pet’s fur and that’s not even the most concerning problem. Prolonged exposure to the fumes produced by paints can also cause your pets to become dizzy and nauseous. They may even start to lose their hair, vomit, and suffer from gastrointestinal issues.

So, what can you do in that scenario? For starters, you can choose a pet-friendly paint. Use the information in this article to identify the type that will suit your pet-friendly abode best.

Paint You Should Avoid

Many of the paints commonly used on homes are not suitable for pets. To confirm if it’s unsafe for your furry friends, check the ingredients list.

Ingredients such as acetone, ammonia, formaldehyde, fungicides, and polyurethane are unsafe to use around pets. They are toxic so avoid using them as much as possible.

Coats that take too long to dry are not ideal. If the coat you applied takes a while to dry, that means your pet won’t be able to come near it.

Paint You Should Use

Since many types of conventional paints are not suitable for homes with pets, what exactly are your remaining options? Well, you can use the non-toxic variants or the ones that say they have low or no VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Another option is to use milk paint.

According to This Old House, milk paint is free of the VOCs that make the more conventional options toxic. You should also consider using the aforementioned product because of how quickly it dries.

Living with pets does not mean that you have to hold off on painting forever. With the right product in hand, you should be able to improve your home’s appearance without endangering your animal companions.

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