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Names: Avoid while Teaching Pets’ Theirs

Giving your new cat or dog names gives them an identity. That new name attaches them to you. It’s something the two of you can use to form a stronger bond.

In a previous article, we discussed the things you must do if you are teaching your pet their new name. This time around, we’ll focus on habits you must avoid during that process.

Stay tuned if you want to avoid mistakes that could potentially make the learning process harder for your pet.

Don’t Use the New Name if You Are Scolding Your Pet

According to Hill’s Pet, yelling or screaming at your pet can simply lead to them tuning you out. In some cases, yelling may even agitate your pet. If the pet you took home from the adoption center came from an abusive household, the sound of screaming may also cause them to cower in fear.

Don’t give your pet any reason to cower upon hearing their name. Never use the new name when you’re angry at your pet or else they may start connecting negative emotions to it.

Don’t Choose Joke Names for Your Pet

You should never give your pet a joke name. Although the name may make you chuckle for a while, your pet will probably not like it. Even a puppy or kitten is smart enough to understand if you are mocking them using their name.

Select a proper name for your pet because that’s what they deserve. Give them a name they will cheerfully respond to.

Don’t Rely Only on Commands

If you adopted an adult pet from the shelter, they may already be used to following commands. Because of that, you may unwittingly use only those commands to call your pet.

Avoid that habit if you want your new pet to learn their name. Turn their name into a familiar sound they can recognize instantly by using it as often as you can.

Teaching your pet a new name is a pretty manageable task as long as you avoid some bad habits. Your pet will be grateful too if you refrained from engaging in those poor practices.

Leaving your new pet home alone is probably not something you want to do. Hire us at TAILored Pet Services if you’re looking for someone who can keep your new pet company. Call/text us at 425-923-7791 or contact through our website if you’re interested in our services.



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