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Name: Tips for Teaching Pet To Respond to It

Choosing a name for your new puppy or kitten is important. Renaming an adult cat or dog who came from an adoption center may also prove to be a smart move on your part.

Pets need names so they can connect with you better. Of course, they can only start forming that connection after they understand it.

In this article, we’ll focus on the things you must do if you’re trying to teach your new pet their new name. Use them on your pet if you want to speed up the learning process.

Select and Stick to One

First off, you need to settle on a single name for your new cat or dog. This is important because your pet may end up confused if you continually use different ones to address them. They may not understand how they’re supposed to respond to the name you’re saying.

Take a moment to choose a name that you think will work best for your pet. Try saying it a few times and get a good feel for it.

Once you’ve come up with something you like, remember to stick with it.

Encourage Your Pet to Respond to Their New Name

Your goal now is to train your pet to respond to their name. The easiest way to do that is by offering them rewards.

Give your pet a treat whenever they respond to their new name. If you don’t have treats on hand, praising your pet and giving them some loving pats should suffice.

Continue Using The One You Chose

According to The Nest, dogs can pick up on their names quickly. Even a puppy may start to recognize the one you’ve given them in less than one week.

Just continue using it until such time that responding to it becomes second nature to your dog.

Training your pet to understand their name is a fairly straightforward process. As long as you are consistent, they will pick up on it sooner rather than later.

We at TAILored Pet Services can help reinforce your pet’s new name while also keeping them company. Call us at 425-923-7791 or go to our website if you need someone who can watch over your new pet.




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