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Mushroom: Eating Poisonous Ones

Following your pet cat or dog’s trip outside, you may notice that something is off with them. They may appear less energetic and they may even look sick almost. After a few hours, your pet may already be exhibiting a wide range of alarming symptoms.

The culprit in that case could be mushroom poisoning. Learn how to recognize that potential problem better by reading up on the symptoms detailed below.


Not long after your pet cat or dog eats some wild mushrooms, they may start to poop all over the place. This may keep going for a while. Don’t ignore your pet’s spell of diarrhea because it could lead to dehydration.


According to PetMD, vomiting is another common symptom of mushroom poisoning in pets. Gastrointestinal mushrooms are notorious for causing vomiting. The amount of vomit produced by your pet may also be greater than what they usually produce when they are ill for a different reason.

Lack of Energy

Your pet’s lack of energy may be the first thing you notice, but it will persist for as long as the effects of the poisonous mushroom are plaguing them. The lack of energy may also be accompanied by a lack of coordination after some time.

Unusual Vocalization

After eating some mushrooms, some pets may start vocalizing out of nowhere. When you go to check on your pet, you may see them barking or meowing at nothing in particular.

That could also be a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your pet. The aforementioned symptom is more likely to emerge if your pet ate neurotoxic mushrooms.

Falling into a Coma

Fail to take immediate action and your pet cat or dog could fall into a coma due to mushroom poisoning. Hopefully, you will be able to secure treatment for them before it gets to this point.

Take immediate action if you suspect that your pet has eaten poisonous mushrooms. Watch out for the aforementioned symptoms so you can give your pet the emergency care they need.

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