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Motorhome-Preparing Pet for Road Trip

A family vacation wouldn’t be complete without every member of the family. That means your pets should be along for the trip too.

Of course, not all pets are big fans of car rides. They may have a hard time getting comfortable even if you’re planning to use a motorhome.

We want to help you and your pet overcome those obstacles. Check out the tips we’ve included in this article and see if they can help your pet cat or dog handle traveling better.

Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian

Before you set out on your road trip, you should first make a pit stop at the veterinary clinic together with your pet. Why is that necessary?

Paying a visit to the vet is important so you can confirm that your pet is healthy enough to be away from home for a while. Going to the veterinary clinic is especially important if your pet was recently ill or if they are on the older side.

Once the vet gives you the green light, you can proceed with your travel plans.

Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety Using Specific Items

Visiting the veterinarian also makes sense if you’re concerned that your pet may feel anxious during the trip. The veterinarian may be able to provide some supplements that can help relieve your pet’s anxiety.

Per this article from PetMD, previous studies have shown that playing classical music and reggae can also help pets calm down. You may want to give that a try if your animal companion is looking a little uneasy inside the motorhome.

Prepare a Personalized Travel Kit for Your Pet

Don’t forget about your cat or dog while you are packing for the trip. You should prepare a travel kit for them as well.

Include food, water, some bowls, and poop bags in that kit. If you think your pet will enjoy having their toys around, go ahead and bring them too.

Condition Your Pet to Ride in a Motorhome

Make sure you give your pet some chances to get comfortable inside the motorhome before the trip. Just hang out with them in there for a while so they can get a feel for the vehicle.

When the day comes for the actual trip, your pet will be able to calm down faster because they are already familiar with your motorhome.

Long road trips can be tough on pets, but they don’t have to be. Follow the tips we’ve detailed here if you want your cat or dog to enjoy the road trip as much as you do!

Do you have some older pets who may not be able to handle a road trip and are you worried about leaving them home alone? If so, we at TAILored Pet Services can help you out.

We’ll keep your older pets company as you hit the road. Your pets will be happy and comfortable even while you’re away with us watching over them. Call 425-923-7791 or visit our overnight pet sitting page if you want to learn more about the vacation care services we provide!



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