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Happy 11th Anniversary

Tailored Pet Services marks its 11th anniversary on May 2nd. We’d like to celebrate the community partners that helped us succeed on our journey and our awesome clients who stay with us through thick and thin. As owner of Tailored Pet Services, I’d like to thank you!

Although we’d like to think we make our own luck, we have also taken advantage of the luck others have bestowed on us. Starting a small business that sells premium pet care services has been a roller coaster ride that has endured special challenges like COVID 19 and competing online applications that tout inexpensive dog walking. Companies similar to ours have had to close their doors.

Our first real challenge was getting off the ground by creating an online presence that could attract enough clients to survive. The clients we attracted have been very loyal. Truthfully, they have become like family. They helped us flourish and they have been forgiving as our team learned on the job while developing the premium, individualized customer services they need. Rest assured, Tailored Pet Services will continue to meet the needs of the people and pets who have become a part of our family.

And we must acknowledge community resources that have provided invaluable connections and expertise to Tailored Pet Services. There are so many, but three deserve special mention.

First was an invitation to join a Facebook group called “I Own a Pet Sitting Company with Staff” where owners of other similar companies were willing to share their knowledge. Learning from other owners was priceless. Next was a marketing class through the local parks and recreation program. The instructor provided valuable information and also provided a connection to a business owner who runs a nonprofit now called Save A Mutt. Jennifer deserves much thanks for her practical advice and great resources used in the success of Tailored Pet Services. Lastly, was the discovery of a meet-up group of pet-oriented business owners. From this group, partnerships were built with Lise at Paws Afoot and Anna with Aussie Pet Mobile of Puget Sounds. In addition to having each other on speed dial, support includes referrals, shared expertise plus networking get-togethers a few times a year.

Tailored Pet Services has a proven business model, great services, awesome clients, employees and partners. New clients keep coming on board thanks to our positive online presence and word-of-mouth promotion. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We are here to stay!

What is our vision for the future? Tailored Pet Services has deep core values that will not change as the company moves forward. We hope to create even tighter relationships with our terrific clients, new and old. Our preference is to be the pet care company where everybody knows your name and you are guaranteed to be treated like the VIP you are to us. We hope to exceed your expectations for years to come. For what we are today, thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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