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Dog Trainers: Red Flags to Watch Out for

Looking for certain qualities in a dog trainer makes it easy for you to make the right hire. However, that is just half of the puzzle. To ensure that you end up hiring the right person, you must also learn to recognize red flags that certain trainers may present.

We already discussed the desirable qualities of dog and puppy trainers in last week’s article. This time around, let’s highlight those troubling red flags.

Dog Trainers with Little to No Experience

A trainer lacking any certifications isn’t necessarily a red flag. They could still be an effective trainer even if they never pursued any certifications.

A lack of experience is a different matter altogether. The trainer you’re interviewing may claim that they can teach your pet well because they previously worked as a groomer or a veterinarian’s assistant. Having that kind of experience does not necessarily translate to dog training.

If that’s the only “experience” they can point to, you should head elsewhere for assistance.

The Trainer Uses Punishment to Scold Dogs

Undergoing training should be a positive experience for your pet. They should enjoy learning new commands either from you or the trainer you hired.

That won’t be the case if the professional you hired utilizes punishment during training sessions.

According to VCA Hospitals, punishment does not yield great results during training because it often fails to correct improper behavior. Instead, it may just cause your dog to grow more scared. If the punishment is poorly timed, the dog may even associate the wrong behavior with it.

Avoid trainers who rely on punishment to teach because they will inevitably do more harm than good.

Dog Trainers Without Insurance

Lastly, pet owners need to avoid trainers who work with dogs without carrying insurance.

You can never be completely certain that a training session will be uneventful. Something could go wrong during training that leads to your pet getting injured. If the trainer does not have insurance, they may be unable to pay for the dog’s vet bills.

Don’t risk your pet’s health by working with a trainer who does not carry appropriate insurance.

Many of the dog trainers you’ll encounter are reputable professionals who can teach your pet effectively. Then again, some of them are unqualified to carry out any training whatsoever.

Make sure you hire the right trainer by being mindful of the red flags we mentioned above. If you’re looking for dog training, we at TAILored Pet Services is here to help. Call 425-923-7791 or visit our website if you are interested in our puppy foundation or reactive rover packages.



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