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Diarrhea: What Should You Feed?

Your dog or puppy experiencing a bout of diarrhea can be difficult for them and for you. Managing their condition can be challenging because it presents all kinds of problems.

Treating a pet with diarrhea is already an ordeal unto itself. Things can only get more confusing once you try to figure out what to feed them.

What should you feed your dog if they currently have diarrhea? That’s a question many pet owners struggle with. We can help you come up with an answer to that question.

Read through the rest of this article to find out which items double as suitable food for a dog with diarrhea. Shop accordingly so you can help your pet recover faster from that aforementioned ailment.

Foods That Can Soothe Your Dog’s Gastrointestinal Tract

Changing your pet’s diet may be necessary if they currently have diarrhea. We can talk about long-term changes you should consider making later in this article. For now, let’s focus on the items that can help relieve your pet’s gastrointestinal tract faster.

First off, you should look to add some binders to your dog’s diet. Those binders can help solidify your pet’s poop and also regulate the frequency of their defecation.

Examples of binders you can easily find at the supermarket are rice and potatoes. Prepare the rice and potatoes yourself because they must be kept plain. Don’t bother adding seasoning. Boiling will suffice for the potatoes while rice should be cooked normally.

Another item you can feed your pet who’s currently struggling with diarrhea is pumpkin. Some stores may even sell pumpkin puree specially made for dogs. If you cannot find that, plain pumpkin puree will do.

Serving the pumpkin is also easy enough. You can heat it up in a microwave to release the odors and make it more appealing to your pet. Let the pumpkin cool for a while then go ahead and give it to your dog or puppy.

Specially Formulated Dog Food

You can still give your pet dog food while they’re recovering from your diarrhea, but you may need to get something different. According to Be Chewy, some therapeutic dog food options can help resolve health issues like diarrhea.

Consulting with a veterinarian may be necessary if you want to get your hands on those special variations of dog food. They may also be more expensive so get ready to spend quite a bit.

Changing up your pet’s diet while they’re dealing with diarrhea may be necessary. Go with the food options we mentioned here as they can prove to be very helpful.

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