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Diarrhea: How to Treat Your Dog’s Case

A dog or puppy going through a bout of diarrhea needs your help. They’re relying on you to keep their surroundings clean, but more importantly, they’re leaning on you for assistance. Your pet does not understand what is going on in their body so you must take the initiative on treatment.

So, what exactly does treating canine diarrhea entail? That’s the question we’ll be addressing in this article.

By continuing with this article, you will learn more about the things you can do to help your pet as they’re dealing with that ailment. Make sure you’re well-equipped to help your pet by heeding the tips included here.

Fast Your Dog for a While

Many cases of diarrhea start from your pet eating something they shouldn’t have. Now, that foreign body is in their digestive system and it is causing all kinds of havoc in there.

Your goal should be to expel that problematic substance from your dog’s body. How is that done, you ask? Fasting can work as a potential solution.

The American Kennel Club notes that fasting your pet for 12 to 24 hours can help clear out their gastrointestinal tract. That means even the troublesome foreign substance should be cleared from your dog’s body.

Fasting in this case means involves withholding food. You should still give water to your dog or puppy, but try to limit the amount you provide.

Before you fast your pet, you have to be certain that they are healthy enough to endure it. If your pet is exhibiting other symptoms aside from diarrhea, you should probably avoid fasting them.

Provide Probiotics to Your Pet

Another method of relieving your dog’s gastrointestinal tract involves picking up some probiotics. Probiotics can reduce inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and that can help up your dog’s case of diarrhea.

You should only use probiotics if you’ve given them to your pet before and they produced the desired results. Otherwise, you should hold off on using them until following the next tip at the very least.

Take Your Pet to the Veterinarian

If fasting and the probiotics don’t work, your only remaining option is to take your dog or puppy to the veterinarian. Get them examined so the issue can be identified and promptly treated.

You should also head to the veterinarian if your pet presents symptoms other than diarrhea. They may already be afflicted with a more serious ailment at that point so get them to the vet as soon as you can.

Treating a case of canine diarrhea can be done at home, but don’t hesitate to get a veterinarian involved if things get more serious. By taking action immediately, you can also treat your pet’s ailment before it threatens their health any further.

Caring for a dog or puppy with diarrhea can be a tiring task. Focus on them and allow us at TAILored Pet Services to watch over your other animal companions for a while. You can request our services by either calling 425-923-7791 or by completing our online form.



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