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Diarrhea: Causes in Dogs

Diarrhea is an unpleasant condition that many of us have dealt with at some point. At a minimum, it can force you to stay home because going out with a constantly rumbling stomach is risky. In some cases, diarrhea can cause dehydration making it a bigger problem.

Even though we already know what we’re dealing with, a bout of diarrhea can still be difficult to manage. Now, imagine what going through a bout of diarrhea is like for a dog or puppy. They don’t know what’s happening to their body. All they know is that they need to poop more often.

Shrugging off a case of diarrhea is something you should never do as a pet parent. You’ll quickly understand why once you learn about the potential reasons why dogs develop that ailment. Stay tuned as we highlight the common causes  throughout this article.

Infections May Cause of Diarrhea

The first potential explanation for your pet’s case of diarrhea could be an infection.

According to PetMD, bacterial, parasitic, and viral infections are all potential causes of canine diarrhea. To be more specific, your dog developing that ailment could be a symptom that they’ve contracted an infection.

In situations where dogs are infected with something, diarrhea will likely not be the only thing you’re dealing with. Take action right away because those infections could potentially be very serious.


Your dog developing a disease could also explain why they are now suffering from a bout of diarrhea. Autoimmune and metabolic diseases frequently have diarrhea as one of their symptoms.

The emergence of diarrhea could even help you discover that your dog or puppy has a disease. You may learn about that disease after you take your pet to the veterinarian for a consultation.

Injuries Might Cause Diarrhea

A significant injury could also be the reason why your dog is currently pooping with greater frequency. A wound or impact of some kind could affect their gastrointestinal tract and that can cause numerous problems.

Significant trauma to the gastrointestinal tract is a known cause of diarrhea in dogs. Don’t be surprised if your pet starts needing to go more often if they were just recently involved in an accident.

Foreign Bodies

Finally, you also have to be wary of foreign bodies and the impact they could have on your pet. The foreign bodies we’re talking about here include allergens and hazardous substances that your dog may unknowingly ingest. As long as those foreign bodies are inside your pet, they will continue to cause diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms.

Diarrhea is an issue that frequently affects dogs because it can be caused by so many things. Hopefully, you’ll be able to protect your pet better from those common causes of canine diarrhea now that you know more about them.

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