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Crate Training Your Dog – Part 2

It’s natural to encounter some challenges while crate training your puppy. Puppies are very energetic so staying in one place can be difficult for them. Still, you cannot afford to neglect this aspect of raising your dog.

Like in our previous article on November 18th, we’ve invited Cathy Challand (Tailored Pet Services Certified Dog Trainer) to add her expertise. Let’s wrap up this series with five more tips that all dog owners need to know.

Tip 1: Take the Time to Play with Your Pup Outside Crate

Staying inside the crate should be a positive experience for your pet. To ensure that they associate good memories and emotions with it, you should NOT play with them while they are in there.

“Playing with the dog while in the crate is very likely to cause frustration for the dog; however, frequent breaks to come out of the crate to play, potty, etc. is excellent” says Cathy.

Tip 2: Place an Old Shirt or Towel inside the Crate

Does your dog seem unsettled inside their crate? That could be because they miss being around you.

For the time being, you can put an old shirt or towel inside the crate that carries your scent. Your dog can cuddle up with that as they go to sleep.

Tip 3: Remove Your Pet’s Collar Before Crate Training

Dogs tend to move around a lot even in a confined space like a crate. Remove your dog’s collar while they are staying inside the crate to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Tip 4: Give Your Dog Breaks from It

Easing your dog into crate training is highly recommended. During the early days of training, give your dog regular breaks out of the crate so they can move around and heed the call of nature if they need to.

Tip 5: Remember That Crate Training Is a Commitment

Lastly, you need to remember that crate training is not something that can be completed overnight. In all likelihood, this is a process that develops over weeks, even months. Commit to the process because crate training will greatly benefit both you and your pet.

Crate training is an important part of teaching a dog proper behavior. Hopefully, the tips you’ve picked up in this series will help you successfully train your pet.

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