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Commands to Teach Your Dog – Part Four

Since February is Dog Training Education Month, we were inspired to create a series of articles focusing on some of the most essential commands to teach our furry friends. This is the final part of that series.

Pay close attention to these final tips because they will be immensely helpful to you and your pet.

The “Stay” Command

The “stay” command is one you should teach your dog or puppy in conjunction with the “sit” command. By handling the teaching process that way, your pet will be able to understand what you are teaching them faster.

After your dog sits on the ground, tell them to stay and start walking away. Make sure that your pet is not following you.

Vary the times that you ask your dog to stay on standby. That way, they will learn to listen for your command instead of waiting for a set amount of time to pass.

According to the American Kennel Club, you should avoid holding on to any treats while teaching your pet how to stay. Doing that will only encourage your pup to follow you. Leave the treat elsewhere for now.

Remember to only give your pet their due reward if they decide to sit still.


The “Up” Command

Teaching your dog the “up” command is a good idea because it will encourage them to move around. It’s one you can use when you need your pet to get up off the ground.

Use the “up” command whenever you intend to head out with your pet. Pair that with other commands such as “come” so your dog can better understand your routine.

The “Wait” Command

Wait and sit seem like similar commands because they are. They only differ in the sense that your dog can still wait while they are up on all four of their legs.

Issue the wait command when you are serving food to your pet. Tell them to wait until you can put food in their bowl.

The wait command will prove especially useful to you if you are caring for multiple dogs or puppies. By using the wait command, your furry companions will understand that they have to be patient if they want to chow down.

The “Watch Me” Command

Lastly, you should also take the time to teach your dog the “watch me” command. The “watch me” command is all about capturing your pet’s attention. It’s one you will likely use a lot as you try to teach them other commands.

The key to teaching the “watch me” command is maintaining eye contact with your dog. If their eyes are not locked on to you, they will fail to learn what you are teaching. This can be a complicated command so feel free to use treats during training.

Training your dog can seem like such an intimidating undertaking. There’s no denying the fact that you and your pet will face challenges along the way. Even so, your dog will be able to handle them with your help.

We hope you picked up some valuable tips from our series on essential dog commands. If you need someone who can reinforce your lessons, we at TAILored Pet Services are glad to offer our assistance. Use contact form or call 425-923-7791 to learn more about the work we do.



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