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Which Command to Teach Fido? – Part 2

In honor of February is Dog Training Education Month, last week we started our series of articles focusing on essential commands to teach dogs. Let’s pick up where we left off by highlighting four more highly useful dog commands.

Go through the list below so you can teach your dog more effectively.

The “Drop It” Directive

Dogs are naturally curious and that can work against them sometimes. Upon seeing something unusual, your dog may sniff or even pick it up using their mouth without considering how dangerous it could be.

You’ll be grateful your pet knows the “drop it” command if something like that happens. Place your hand under their mouth while saying “drop it”.

Don’t touch the object in their mouth because they may react negatively to that. Just continue telling them to drop the item while also motioning with your hand.

Give your pet a nice pat on the head if they follow your command.

The “Heel” Command

Establishing your authority over your pet is always important whenever you’re taking them out for a walk. You should be the one dictating where the two of you are going. It shouldn’t be the other way around.

Whenever your pet starts to stray away from you, pull on their leash and say “heel”. Use that command to stop your dog or puppy from moving away.

Teaching your dog to heel is very important because of all the hazards the two of you may encounter outside. You can save them from something potentially dangerous by telling them to heel.



The “High Five” Directive

Sometimes, you just want to celebrate something cool together with your pet. One way to do that is by sharing a high five.

Raise your hand in front of your dog and wait for them to touch it with their paw. Keep your hand there until your pet understands what you’re asking them to do.

According to the American Kennel Club, teaching your dog how to give a high five is easier if you’re doing it in a quiet and distraction-free environment. Feel free to enlist the help of treats as you teach your dog that adorable trick.

The “Leave It” Command

The “leave it” command is very similar to the “drop it” command. The only difference is that you don’t have to be close to your dog when you are telling them to leave something behind.

Issue the command from far away until your dog lets go of whatever object they are holding in their mouth. That command will prove useful if you often leave your dog alone in the yard.

Obedience training will be crucial for the growth of any pet dog. These may seem like complicated commands, but we guarantee that your adorable companion is smart enough to get them down in no time!

Teaching your dog certain commands can take a lot of time and effort. Allow us at TAILored Pet Services to help out with your pet’s training. Call 425-923-7791 or complete contact form if you need someone who will continue to reinforce your lessons during dog walks.



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