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Classrooms and Dogs

It’s back to school time for students throughout the country. Schools are always looking to put their students in the best positions to succeed. In pursuit of that goal, school administrators may want to consider welcoming some canines into the classroom.

That’s right! If you’re trying to come up with ways to boost the performance of your students, you should strongly consider adding dogs to your classrooms.

We understand that such a suggestion may seem outlandish at first. Still, the evidence is there to support integrating dogs into educational settings. You can learn more about the potential benefits of doing that by continuing below.

Children Are More Confident around Dogs

A lengthy review published on the Education Resources Information Center’s website focused on 30 articles that highlighted the benefits of having dogs in the classroom. After conducting that thorough review, the author found that children were more confident when they shared the classroom with dogs.

The confidence stems from children being more comfortable around their canine companions. They were able to speak up more in the company of listeners who offered no judgment whatsoever.  The boost in confidence that dogs provide can be especially helpful inside classrooms full of young kids.

Dogs Help Children Improve Their Literacy Skills

Another benefit of having dogs inside the classroom is the positive impact they have on literacy skills. Many kids enjoy reading to dogs so they are inclined to give more of an effort when one is around. Think of it like the dog giving the children some extra motivation to read.

Dogs Can Help Students Stay Healthy

Studies have found that petting a dog can effectively lower blood pressure and heart rate. That positive benefit of petting a dog does not go away even inside the classroom setting. Your students can consistently enjoy those physical benefits if they can stay around dogs all day while studying.

Children Can Relax Better in Classrooms with Dogs

We all know how stressful being a student can be. Even at a young age, the pressure to get good grades and keep up with peers is something many students struggle with. That’s why many students are also introduced to stress quite early.

Keeping a dog inside your classroom can help your students relax more. Studies have shown that being around dogs can effectively reduce stress levels in children. Kids can also get into a better state of mind for learning if they aren’t weighed down by stress.

Allow your kids to continue benefiting from the company of dogs by keeping your own pet at home. If you need help walking your dog due to your busy schedule, we at TAILored Pet Services can offer some assistance. Simply call/text 425-923-7791 or contact us through our website to learn more about the work we do.



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