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Apartments (Small Living Spaces) & Pet Birds

Living in small apartments involves making some concessions. More often than not, the limited amount of space you have available could affect your furniture or appliance purchases. You may even have to leave some of your cherished possessions with your loved ones because they won’t fit inside your apartment.

But what about pets? Do you have to give up on becoming a pet owner if you only have a small living space?

You’ll be glad to know that owning pets remains a possibility regardless of your apartment size. Birds, in particular, are great pets for people living in small apartments.

Keeping birds in your small apartment should not be a problem as long as you follow the tips detailed below.

Select the Right Type of Pet Bird

Birds have different personalities and habits. The experience you have as a pet owner can vary wildly based on which type of bird you’ve chosen as a pet.

Some birds are simply not suitable for apartment living because of how noisy and restless they get. Trying to keep them as pets may simply not be feasible.

The birds that live comfortably inside small apartments are the quiet ones. According to WebMD, quiet birds that are capable of adjusting to living in small apartments include canaries, cockatiels, and finches.

If you already like those birds to begin with, then they should work great as pets inside your new apartment!

Not All Apartments Allow Birds so Ask Your Landlord

Once you’ve selected a type of bird to keep as a pet, you should now discuss that matter with your landlord. Landlords may have different policies when it comes to pets. Some of them are fine with pets while others aren’t so it’s best to check beforehand.

Discussing bird ownership is especially important because most people are not familiar with the habits and quirks of our feathery friends.

If your landlord seems conflicted about the matter, you can explain what type of bird you’re getting. That could be the push they need to approve your pursuit of bird ownership.

Pick Out a Birdcage

Getting a cage that perfectly suits your pet bird will be crucial. If the cage is too small, your new pet may never get comfortable inside of it.

Per the MSD Veterinary Manual, the minimum size for a birdcage should be based on your pet. They said that the cage should be one and a half times your pet’s wingspan in terms of width, depth, and height.

Go with a smaller bird if you’re worried about fitting the cage inside your apartment. You should still have plenty of options to choose from even if you’re narrowing the field like that.

Find the Right Spot for the Birdcage

Now that you have the right birdcage, you need to figure out where to put it.

The best spot for a birdcage is inside any room that gets a good amount of natural lighting. The cage shouldn’t be hit with direct sunlight, but the light should fill the room well.

As for room temperature, birds are content staying inside any place that isn’t too hot or too cold. You won’t have to keep the air conditioner on just to keep them comfortable.

Clean the Birdcage Weekly

Staying inside a dirty cage is not something birds enjoy. If you’re thinking of getting a bird, you have to commit to cleaning their cage regularly.

Weekly cleaning is recommended for birdcages. Simply use some soapy water and a firm brush to clean your pet’s home.

Let Your Bird Out of Their Cage Regularly

A pet bird can benefit greatly from spending time outside of their cage. You can also play around with them to keep them happy and stimulated.

Make time for your pet bird if you want them to stay healthy. You can also hire a pet sitter to spend time with your bird if your schedule is swamped.

A pet bird can be a fantastic fit even inside a small apartment. If you need some help watching over them during the workweek, we at TAILored Pet Services have you covered. Call 425-923-7791 or email us if you’re interested in our bird vacation services.



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