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Apartment/Small Living Spaces & Dogs

After moving into your new apartment, you may quickly assume that becoming a pet owner is probably not an option for you. You may have that thought because of the limited amount of space you have to spare.

However, the lack of a large living space does not necessarily preclude you from becoming a pet owner. Keeping a dog inside a small apartment is possible and you can do that without sacrificing your pet’s comfort or happiness.

Check out the tips below if you wish to start caring for a dog inside your small apartment!

Choose a Breed That Can Handle Apartment Living

The most important thing you must do if you want to keep a dog in a small apartment is to choose the right breed. Not all dog breeds can handle small apartment living, but some can adapt to it just fine.

Right now, you’re probably thinking that you need to look for small dog breeds. They must be the breeds who are capable of living comfortably in small apartments.

While some small dogs can get comfortable inside similarly small apartments, that is not the case for all of them. At the same time, some large breeds will fare just fine in small living spaces.

Size is not the main factor to consider when selecting a dog breed that can handle apartment living. Instead, you want to focus on the dog’s energy level.

Low-energy dogs are the best choices for people who live in apartments. They’re great to have around since they won’t bark or run around all day. Your neighbors will appreciate the relaxed nature of your pet dog just as much as you do.

According to Purina, examples of low-energy dog breeds include basset hounds, bulldogs, and mastiffs. Prioritize those breeds if you’re looking for a cuddly companion inside your apartment.

Start Training ASAP

Living in a small apartment with a dog could lead to things getting messy very quickly. There may be a few times when you will wake up to a mess left behind by your pet. You can’t really blame them since there is no yard for them to use.

Discourage your dog from turning your whole apartment into their bathroom by training them as soon as possible. Start with crate training before conditioning them to a walking routine.

Feel free to enlist the help of a dog walker if you believe doing so will help your pet get used to their walking schedule.

Set Up Dog Pads before Going to Sleep

Early on, your pet may not be able to abide by their bathroom routine. There may be times when they experience the call of nature in the middle of the night.

Getting up just in time to take your dog out for a quick walk may not be realistic. In lieu of interrupting your sleep like that, you can simply set up dog pads.

The dog pads will give your pet something to use if they need relief at an inconvenient time. They will also save your apartment from potential damage.

Keep using the dog pads until your pet settles into their routine.

Walk Your Dog Early in the Morning

Picking a low-energy dog breed already minimizes the odds of your pet causing problems inside your apartment. If you want to reduce those odds further, you should walk your dog early every morning.

Early morning walks aren’t just great for bonding. They are also useful for expending your dog’s energy. While you’re at work, your dog may just be sleeping peacefully inside your home because of their long walk.

If you don’t have the time for those early morning walks, you can hire a professional dog walker to handle them for you.

Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

Lastly, you should reserve some time for your dog whenever you can. Since the two of you are already staying in a small apartment, the last thing you should do is create distance between you and your pet.

Whenever you have the opportunity, bond with your dog and let them feel completely at home inside your apartment.

Living in a small apartment does not have to stop you from owning a dog. Follow the tips we’ve detailed here to make that experience as pleasant as possible.

We at Tailored Pet Services can also help provide potty breaks from your apartment. Contact us at 425-923-7791 or browse our website if you wish to learn more about our dog walking services.



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