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Mushrooms: Why Pets Are Drawn to Them

No matter how well you feed your pet cat or dog, they may still try to snag some treats when they can. The problem with that habit is that cats and dogs can be adventurous eaters from time to time. When they see something strange growing in the woods, they don’t necessarily think it will be bad for them.

For instance, you may have noticed that your pet was drawn to some mushrooms while you were walking with them out in the woods. Why would they take an interest in that particular fungus? Please read on to find out.

Carnivorous Cats Get a Whiff of Protein a Mushroom

Cats taking an interest in mushrooms may seem odd because they are carnivorous, but it makes sense when you understand the feature of that fungus that is luring them in.

Per this article from NPR, cats are interested in mushrooms because they sense them as sources of protein. They detect the umami flavor in the mushrooms and get sucked in by the promise of getting some protein if they chow down.

Your pet cat wants those mushrooms because they provide the protein they need. However, you shouldn’t let them eat them because they may feature toxic qualities.

Dogs Are Experimenting When They Eat Mushrooms

Meanwhile, dogs may give mushrooms a try because they are checking them out.

According to the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, the texture may prove interesting to dogs. They may be interested in learning more about that curious growth and that may eventually lead to them taking a bite.

A dog may also eat them to find out more about their environment. Unfortunately, that decision could prove costly for your dog as wild mushrooms can be toxic to them.

Pet dogs and cats may eat just about anything if given the chance. Even wild mushrooms are not too exotic for them. Regardless of how much your pet wants to eat them, you should do your best to keep them separate.

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