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Wet Nose: Illnesses Can Effect It

Your pet having a wet nose is far from unusual. It may even be the norm for your pet cat or dog. Many of our furry friends have wet noses and they do not signal any health issue.

If anything, the wet nose could be a sign that your pet is healthy.

For the most part, dry noses shouldn’t worry you either. However, there are instances wherein the dry nose is symptomatic of an illness.

Continue with this article to learn more about the illnesses that can cause your pet’s nose to dry out.

Your Pet Has a Fever That Could Effect Its Wet Nose

A fever is probably the most common illness that can lead to a pet’s nose drying out. You can tell that your pet has a fever by feeling their body. If they feel warm in addition to having a dry nose, then a fever is the most likely culprit.

We do want to point out that a fever can also cause a runny nose. A runny nose can cause your pet a significant amount of discomfort so take them to the veterinarian to address that issue.

Your Pet Is Plagued by Allergies

Allergies may cause your pet’s nose to become itchy. As your pet continually scratches their nose, they may dry it out.

The allergic reaction itself may not be the cause of your pet’s dry nose. Instead, it’s the way they are reacting to it that is causing the dryness.

Your Pet Has an Auto-Immune Disease

According to PetMD, certain auto-immune diseases can alter the surface of your pet’s nose. If that’s the case, your pet’s nose may start to show some cracks along with getting dried out.

Don’t hesitate to take your pet to the veterinarian if you observe a noticeable change in the appearance of their nose. Acting quickly in that scenario could help reduce the adverse effects the disease will have on your pet.

That dry nose your pet has could be an indicator that they are dealing with a more serious health issue. While you take your pet to the vet, make sure your other furry companions have someone watching over them by hiring us at TAILored Cat Services. Call us at 425-923-7791 or fill out our online form if you’re interested in hiring us.




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