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Traveling with pets during COVID-19

The United States is starting to open again, and while the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic still looms, states are gradually lifting traveling restrictions. You may finally get the chance to go on that long-planned vacation together with your cat and/or dog!

Going on vacation does not mean you can let your guard down, though. Staying safe should be your priority while traveling with your pet during this pandemic.

We have detailed the things you must do to keep yourself and your pet safe while traveling during this time. Keep them in mind as you get your vacation plans in order.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

As much as possible, you should avoid running into crowded convenience stores and supermarkets at this time. Heading into a crowded indoor area like that can be risky.

You may not have a choice in that matter if your pet starts acting up or is having a medical emergency while you are on the road. To avoid that kind of predicament, you should prepare an emergency kit for your cat or dog.

Stock it with any medication they need to take. You could also buy some anti-anxiety medication if your vet gives you the green light.

Bringing some food along is also a good idea. Do not allow your pet to go hungry during the long trip by giving them some treats.

Do not Allow Strangers near Your Pet

As the CDC notes, allowing your pets to interact with strangers is not advisable because of the threat of COVID-19. The coronavirus can still spread from people to animals whenever close contact takes place.

If you are using public transportation during your travels, it would be best to keep your pet away from people. Minimize the odds of your pet getting infected by keeping them isolated.

Choose the Right Crate for Your Pet

It has probably been a while since your pet has been inside your car. You may need to keep them in a crate, so they do not end up hurting themselves or damaging the vehicle.

When choosing a crate, err on the side of purchasing something too big. Giving your cat or dog extra room to move around is fine but confining them in cramped quarters is not.

You should also check to see how sturdy the crate is. Make sure it can hold up to your pet moving constantly.

Lastly, inspect the crate to see if it can stop any urine from dripping onto the floor of your vehicle. Leak-proof crates tend to be more expensive, but they are worth the money. You can also line the crate with some absorbent material to prevent any unwanted leakage.

You deserve to go on that long-awaited vacation together with your pet. Follow the tips we laid out above, and your trip should go off without a hitch!

Bringing your pet along for an upcoming trip may not be an option. There is no need to worry; we at TAILored Pet Services can keep your furry friends company. Let us know when you will need our dog boarding or cat sitting by contacting us through our website or texting/calling 425-923-7791.



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