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Pheromones-Understanding Them

You’ve probably heard about pheromones before and how they can affect human behavior. It’s important to note that humans are not the only ones who release pheromones. Some of the pets we keep at home also produce pheromones.

For this article, we’ll focus on the ones that cats produce. We’ll discuss the definition of them and ways your pet spreads them around your home below.

Read on if you want to gain some more insight into your cat’s behavior.

What Are Pheromones?

According to ScienceDirect, they are chemicals that alter the behavior and even the physiology of a recipient. Think of it like a chemical marker left behind by the signaler.

Another important thing about them is that they convey different messages.

Sometimes, the ones excreted by your cat may be telling other felines in the vicinity about her desire to mate.

Cats are also known to produce them for their offspring. The pheromones help the older cat and their kittens bond better.

Responding to scary events can cause them to be released. Communicating fear occurs through the pheromones.

In your home, your pet may release them to mark his/her territory. If you have multiple cats, they may use them to introduce themselves to each other. Some are even known to having soothing effects on cats.

Cats excrete pheromones frequently for numerous reasons. We just don’t realize how often cats excrete them because we’re from a different species so cannot recognize them.

How Do Cats Spread Them?

Cats spread their pheromones in various ways. Some cats will just rub up against an object or even you and release them that way. You may enjoy their rubbing behavior.

The problem is that some of the methods cats use to spread them are more destructive. They may sometimes spray urine or scratch up your furniture to leave behind their chemical imprints.

One important lesson to teach your cat is to stop bad habits. Notably, spreading different kinds of pheromones can discourage those bad habits.

They can influence a cat’s behavior. Use that fact to your advantage by using products that mimic the effects of them. Watch for future articles that discuss pheromone products!

Cats may exhibit destructive behavior while spreading their pheromones. Protect your home from a misbehaving pet by hiring us at TAILored Cat Services. Call us today at 425-923-7791 or visit our cat sitting page to learn more about our services.




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