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Pheromone Products Change Behaviors

It’s normal to have a cat who acts up from time to time. Maybe their bad behavior comes in the form of urinating outside their litter box or perhaps scratching up some of your furniture. While all of us love our pet cats, those displays of behavior are ones we can live without.

So, how do you prevent that kind of behavior? Using pheromone products may prove quite helpful. See what benefits those products can offer by continuing with the rest of this article.

What Are Pheromone Products?

We’ve already talked about feline pheromones before (insert link to first article here), but to sum things up, they are chemical messages that can induce a change behavior in cats. More specifically, the cat who receives the message from the pheromones is the one whose behavior is likely to change.

Pheromone products aim to take advantage of the effect that those chemicals on our pets. The aforementioned products mimic the contents of the natural pheromones in order to induce a specific kind of response.

How Do They Affect Cats?

The first pheromone products to reach the market were formulated to help prevent the spraying habit that some cats develop. They were also supposed to help reduce the aggression that cats exhibited, according to WebMD.

These days, the pheromone products available can have other effects as well. Upon using them, you may be able to effectively minimize how often your cat scratches your furniture.

Some pheromone products are also useful if you’re traveling with your pet or taking him/her to the veterinarian. The pheromone product can calm your pet down and make traveling with him/her easier.

If you’ve had problems dealing with your cat’s behavior, it’s worth looking into pheromone products. The benefits they provide could be exactly what you’re seeking. You may be able to use those products to protect your home better from your pet cats.

It may take some time before the pheromone products take effect. Allow us to keep watch over your pet cat in the meantime. Reach out to us at 425-923-7791 or visit our cat sitting page for more information.



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