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Pheromone Products: What To Expect

More pet parents are starting to rely on pheromone products to augment the behavior of their animal companions. Use pheromone products to discourage bad habits like spraying/scratching furniture.

You may have already heard or read about other pet owners who swear by their pheromone products. To be clear, pheromone products have indeed provided the results many pet owners want. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

In this article, we want to help set your expectations properly if you’re looking to use pheromone products. Find out what may happen after you start using pheromone products and learn what to do if something unexpected happens.

The Effectiveness of Them

Previously, we discussed that some pheromone products may not affect your cat right away. It may even take days or weeks before you start noticing the changes. You should also be aware that the pheromone products may not cause any noticeable changes in your cat’s behavior at all.

Does that mean that you bought faulty products or that you were a victim of false advertising? That’s not necessarily the case.

Speaking to PetMD, Dr. Valarie Tynes, DVM, noted that the products themselves may be “insufficient” on their own to address certain behavioral issues. The products are still doing what they’re supposed to, but the effect may not be as significant on your cat. You shouldn’t be surprised if something like that occurs.

Supplementing the Pheromone Products

If the pheromone products didn’t fix the behavioral issues completely, consider doing more to help your cat. Consult with a veterinarian and ask about potential medication or therapy.

You may also want to check out your cat’s litter box if the problem is related to spraying. It’s possible that your cat is not comfortable with the litter box, which is why they’ve resorted to urinating elsewhere. Try replacing the litter box and see if that makes a difference.

Pheromone products can change a cat’s behavior significantly, but they’re not guaranteed to work all the time. Remember that when you’re trying to decide whether or not to use them for your pet.

Pheromones may not be enough on their own to alleviate the stress your pet cat is dealing with. We can keep your pet company and prevent him/her from stressing out further while you’re away. Call 425-923-7791 or visit cat sitting page to learn more about our services.



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