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Using A Pheromone Product Correctly

In search of a way to effectively change your cat’s behavior, you shouldn’t overlook a pheromone product. Natural feline pheromones can significantly alter a cat’s behavior. Pheromone products formulated to mimic the effects of those chemicals can impact your pet in the same way.

We’ve already talked about the positive effects pheromone products can have on cats on January 19. Those products can discourage your cats from ruining your furniture or spraying urine on unexpected areas.

Given that they have no harmful side effects on the cats themselves, they are worth trying at the very least. Below, we’ll discuss the ways to use those pheromone products correctly.

Using Pheromone Product Sprays

A pheromone product usually come in the form of either sprays or diffusers. Let’s start by discussing how to use the pheromone sprays first.

What you want to do is look for the spots that are often targeted by your cat either for spraying or scratching. Spray those spots directly. The spray won’t damage those spots so don’t worry about using it.

Spray the spots regularly in order to keep your pets away from them for good.

Using the Pheromone Diffusers

The sprays are good for discouraging your pet from damaging certain spots. The diffusers will help prevent your cat from damaging the rest of your home.

You may need to use multiple diffusers though. Place the diffusers in different parts of your home and spread them out to get the desired results.

Additional Notes about Pheromone Products

It’s important to know that a pheromone product may not take effect right away. Their effects may not be felt by your pets until after a few days or even weeks have passed, according to Comfort Zone. Be patient with them if you want to see the results.

You should also consider using the pheromone products if you’re traveling with your cat. Spray some of the product on your pet carrier to make it more accommodating to your cat.

Pheromone products can offer some truly helpful benefits if you use them the right way. Keep the tips above in mind the next time you purchase pheromone products to ensure you get your money’s worth.

It may take some to find all the pheromone products for your cat. We can watch over your pet while you pick up all the pheromone products he/she needs. Contact us at 425-923-7791 or visit our cat sitting page to find out how we can help.



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