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Open Front Doors: How to Teach Your Puppy Not to Run Through Them

Does your puppy run through your front door whenever they see that it’s open? Although it may be cute at first, it could be a real problem if it becomes a habit. You do not want your puppy running out the door if you live anywhere close to a street.

With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some tips for teaching puppies how to drop that potentially dangerous habit. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work wonders on your puppy.

Teach Your Puppy the Sit and Stay Commands

Whether you’re dealing with a puppy or an older dog, teaching them the sit and stay commands is a great idea. For puppies, in particular, those commands can be potential life-savers.

The American Kennel Club details two different methods you can try if you’re aiming to teach your puppy the sit command. Both the capturing and luring methods have proven to be effective so choose whichever one is easier for you.

The stay command is also going to come in very handy if your puppy tends to run around. Using the right keywords will be helpful if you’re trying to teach your pet dog how to stay on command.

Rely on the Leash So Don’t Run Through Open Front Door

The leash is indispensable for training dogs and you will need it again here.

You will need your puppy to get used to open doors eventually. However, you may be hesitant to position them near one out of fear that they’ll scamper away from you.

That’s where the leash comes in. Put it on your pup ahead of your training session.

Crack the door open wide enough that your puppy will notice it. Once they do, gauge their reaction.

If they try to walk to the opening, give the leash a light tug and tell your puppy to sit. Continue with the training until your puppy stops reacting strongly to the open door.

Put Yourself in front of the Door

Consider your positioning when you’re training your puppy. The best spot for you is between your dog and the door.

From that position, you can maintain eye contact with your puppy and issue clear commands. When your dog follows instructions, you can also reward them easily.

If the training session goes wrong, you can also react to your dog trying to escape. You can either shut the door quickly or try to capture them before they get a chance to flee.

Use Treats

Lastly, don’t forget to use treats when you’re teaching your puppy. It’s amazing to see how quickly they can pick up on your commands when they know that a delicious treat is waiting for them.

Avoid going overboard with the treats though. You don’t want your puppy’s diet to become unbalanced due to treats.

In the place of treats, you can also praise your pet whenever they follow the command and refrain from running through the front door.

The great thing about teaching puppies is that they tend to learn quickly. Get started on their training by using the tips we’ve mentioned here!

Do you need help training your puppy? We at TAILored Pet Services can offer some assistance. Reach out to us today and we’ll let you know about the different ways in which we can help. Call/text 425-923-7791 to inquire about our dog walking services.



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