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Items Pet Parents Will Love – Part 3

Welcome back to our continuing series where we highlight some of the top items pet parents should have. You can check out the previous entries February 26 and March 5.

For this entry in the series, we’ll be talking about some items you can use while traveling with your pet. We will also highlight some grooming aids that your dog will be thankful for.

Medicated Dog Shampoo

listed on helpful pet items list: Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

Medicated Shampoo

Some dogs require a bit more help in the hygiene department. Regular baths may not suffice if they have certain skin conditions that need more attention.

Medicated dog shampoo can offer plenty of relief to dogs affected by certain skin conditions. Pet MD notes that medicated dog shampoo can be especially helpful to canines with allergies, dry skin, infections, or parasites.

Just remember to consult with a veterinarian before using any kind of shampoo to ensure it will be safe for your pet.

Nail Grinder

listed on helpful pet items list: Dremel Cordless Pet Grooming Kit

Pet Grooming Kit

Trimming your dog’s nails regularly is a must. If you neglect that, their nails could start to curl and even burrow into their paws.

Nail clippers work well for that job, but you may want to consider upgrading to nail grinders. The nail grinders are easier to use and they also get the job done quicker.

Pet Camera

listed on helpful pet items list: Furbo Dog Camera:

Furbo Dog Camera

No pet parent enjoys being away from their beloved companions. The good news is that you can now keep a close eye over your pet even if you aren’t at home.

Pet cameras give pet parents a way to monitor their cats and dogs closely. Some cameras can even be controlled via an app on your smartphone. You may even be able to give your pet some treats while you’re at the office using the app.

Pet Car Seat

listed on helpful pet items list: Kurgo Rover Booster Dog Car Seat with Seat Belt Tether

Booster Dog Car Seat

Traveling inside a car can be stressful for many pets. You can help ease their anxiety and discomfort by installing a pet car seat in your vehicle. Just remember to find the right size so the seat fits your cat or dog perfectly.

The seat keeps your furry babies from trying to climb in front seat. It also gives your tailed friends an opportunity to look out the window for a relaxing ride.

Pet Carrier

listed on helpful pet items list: Petmate Soft-Sided Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

Dog & Cat Carrier Bag

Speaking of traveling, you cannot go on vacation together with your pet without getting a suitable carrier first. Pet parents now have numerous options to choose from when it comes to carriers. You can find carriers that double as backpacks or ones with straps designed to fit over your shoulder.

Modern pet carriers also provide more space for your cat or dog. They don’t have to squeeze into their carrier just to travel with you.

All kinds of pet gadgets are available today. Some of them can help with grooming, others will address travel-related concerns, and numerous other items offer some truly useful benefits.

Please feel free to give the items we’ve featured a try. We believe that they can also prove to be very helpful to your animal companions.

Go shopping for new pet gadgets without leaving for your furry friends unattended. Contact us at TAILored Pet Services and we’ll stay with your pet as you head out to shop. You can inquire about our services by either emailing through our website or calling 425-923-7791.




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