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Items Pet Parents Will Love – Part 2

We’re back with our rundown of some the top pet-focused items you can get right now. In case you missed it, the first set featured some great playthings and grooming tools. Give them a try and see the benefits they can offer to your cat or dog.

With the introductions out of the way, let’s get to our second set of useful pet products below!


Dog Paw Cleaner

Paw Washer

After asking your dog for a handshake, your palm may be left covered with dirt and all kinds of debris. Dog paws can accidentally pick up some loose objects. Those items may get lodged inside the paws for a while.

To address that problem, you can try using a dog paw cleaner. Dog paw cleaners do a great job of dislodging any debris stuck between your pet’s paws. On top of that, they don’t cause any pain of discomfort so you don’t have to worry about harming your dog.


Feline Drinking Fountain

Pet Fountain

Some cats still have trouble drinking from a bowl because they’re afraid of getting too close to that much water. If that’s the case with your pet, consider getting a feline drinking fountain.

A feline drinking fountain allows your cat to see where the water is coming from. They can feel more comfortable taking a drink knowing they won’t accidentally get submerged in the water.


Feline Hammock

Window Cat Bed

We may not understand why some cats love sleeping from elevated places, but we cater to them anyway. Consider getting a hammock and install it in one of your pet’s favorite sleeping spots.

The bed is window-mounted and provides your feline friend a nature view without using floor space. Get a big hammock if you want it to accommodate two or more cats.


Flea Comb

Electric Flea Comb

Flea combs are specially designed grooming tools that will help your pet dog feel more comfortable. Thanks to their small and finely-spaced teeth, flea combs can easily remove fleas, flea eggs, and even flea dirt, according to Pet MD.

Use the flea comb regularly to ensure your pet dog always has a healthy coat of fur.


Handheld Dog Shower Attachment

Pet Wand Sprayer

Pet parents who struggle with bath time may want to try using a handheld dog shower attachment. Unlike detachable showerheads, shower attachments designed for dogs offer a gentler stream and they provide better coverage for your pet’s body. Your dog will feel more relaxed and comfortable if you use this type of attachment during their bath.

Make caring for your pets easier by getting some of the items we mentioned above. We also have more pet gadgets to talk about so please keep an eye out for part 3 in this series!


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