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Introducing Kittens and Puppies Safely

Many of us dream of having multiple pets and having them get along all the time. That’s usually not a problem if you only have dogs or you only have cats.

But what if you want to care for both a cat and a dog? Furthermore, what can you do if you want to teach a kitten and puppy to co-exist?

Allow us to help you with that conundrum. The tips we’ve included in this article should help with your efforts to get your new pets to warm up to one another.

Check if Your Kitten Can Safely Stay around Your Puppy

The first thing you must do when trying to socialize a puppy and kitten with each other is to check if their interactions can be safe.

Per the Miami Herald, some dogs see cats as their prey. Because of that, they may sometimes display some predatory aggression.

A dog exhibiting predatory aggression will not hesitate to attack a cat. They will seek to injure the cat and potentially even kill it. That kind of behavior is genetically encoded in some dogs so they’re just following their natural instincts.

Even puppies can display that predatory aggression. Obviously, you cannot keep a kitten around a puppy who is showing that kind of dangerous behavior.

You can tell that a puppy is displaying that kind of behavior if they remain focused on the kitten even when you’re trying to grab their attention. Some young dogs may also constantly lunge, bark, or try to bite any cats they see. To be fair, some kittens do instigate the fighting as well.

Aggressive puppies can pose a danger to kittens. Allowing them to interact is not a good idea.

Monitor All Interactions

Let’s say that your puppy isn’t exhibiting the kind of behavior which would lead you to believe that they see your kitten as prey. That’s great! However, you should still hold off on letting them interact all the time.

Even while playing, some puppies can seriously injure kittens. Prevent that from happening by keeping a close eye on them.

Monitor all of the interactions that happen between your puppy and kitten. Separate them as soon as they start fighting and scold if necessary. Teach them that fighting will not be tolerated.

Wait Until They Are Older

You may be having a hard time getting your puppy to stop bothering your kitten. In that case, consider holding off on further interactions.

Wait until your kitten and puppy are older. To be more specifically, wait until you can teach your puppy some important commands.

It’s easier to manage interactions between your young pets when they have a clear understanding of what you want them to do.

Introducing puppies and kittens can be somewhat risky. Make sure to follow the tips we’ve listed above to keep both of your pets safe at all times.

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