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Gadgets Pet Parents Will Love – Part 4

Go online or visit your local pet store and you may be surprised by the sheer number of great pet gadgets that are available today. We’ve been doing our part to highlight some of the best options out there in previous articles March 12, March 5 and February 26.

Today, we’re wrapping up our series by shining the spotlight on five more useful items. Check them out yourself to see if there’s anything that could be helpful to you and your pet.

Pet Harness

Number 1 on Pet Gadgets List

Harness Lead

Collars have long been the popular choice for keeping dogs under control, but you may find that pet harnesses are better.

According to the American Kennel Club, harnesses offer more control and that will come in handy if you’re trying to command a bigger dog. Harnesses also prevent injuries because they distribute force over a wider area.

It may take some time for your dog to adjust to a harness, but making the transition can be worth it in the long run.

Pet Life Jacket

Number 2 on Pet Gadgets List

Pet Life Jacket

Are you planning to teach your young pup how to swim? Not all dogs take to the water naturally. You can help your pet out during their swimming lessons by giving them a life jacket.

Aside from keeping your dog safe, life jackets are also incredibly cute! That’s always a nice plus whenever you’re getting accessories for your pet.

Portable Pet Stairs

Number 3 on Pet Gadgets List

Portable Pet Stairs

Older pets may have trouble jumping up and down due to their creaky joints. Even if they want to cuddle with you in bed, they cannot join you because their legs simply aren’t strong enough anymore.

Help your pet out by getting some portable stairs. Pull them out when your pet is nearby so they can approach you easily. You can also keep the stairs in place as you sleep so your pet can join you or head down whenever they want to.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Number 4 on Pet Gadgets List

self cleaning litter box

Dealing with pet waste is never pleasant. If you’re a cat owner, cleaning the litter box is probably something you dread doing each and every time.

Thankfully, self-cleaning litter boxes are now available. As long as you remember to put in fresh litter regularly and clear the tray when it’s full, the aforementioned litter box will handle your cat’s waste without issue.

Waterproof Booties

Number 5 on Pet Gadgets List

Dog Boots

Last up, we want to talk about waterproof booties for pets. Waterproof booties are great for beach trips or if you’re hiking along a forest trail together with your animal companion.

Those booties will also come in handy during the winter season. Put them on your dog before heading out so they’re more comfortable during their walk.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our articles focusing on new gadgets that are helpful to both pets and pet parents. Innovative creations are also coming out regularly so keep an eye out for new offerings that your pet will love.

Shopping for gadgets that your pet will need may take some time. You don’t have to leave your pet alone for an extended period of time because we at TAILored Pet Services can stay with them. Call us at 425-923-7791 or browse our website to find out more about the services we provide.



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