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Fall Safety Tips For Dog Owners

The start of fall is just around the corner! Fall is a favorite season for many, but it can also present some hazards to our beloved pets.

Don’t neglect your dog’s safety during this fall season. To make things easier, we’ve highlighted some of the most important safety tips dog owners must keep in mind during this time of the year. Check them out below and use them to protect your pet better.

Don’t Allow Your Dog to Stay Outside Too Long During Fall

The world around us changes quite significantly when fall rolls around. Those chilly temperatures, in particular, can be shocking to your dog’s body. After getting used to the warmth of summer, they may have a tough time adjusting to the cold.

Don’t allow your dog to stay out too long so they don’t get overexposed to the cold weather. You should also consider keeping them indoors after bathing as the cold air can be too much for them during that time.

Avoid Letting Your Dog Roam Outdoors Unsupervised

The outdoors can become especially dangerous during the fall season.

First off, wild animals tend to be more active during that time of the year. Fall is the time when many wild animals stock up on food so they can hibernate comfortably. You don’t want your dog running into one of those animals so avoid letting them run into the woods unsupervised.

Certain plants that sprout during the fall can also present a danger to your pet.

The mushrooms we buy in stores and eat regularly are generally considered safe for dogs, according to The Spruce Pets. However, mushrooms growing in the wild can be toxic.

If you spot your dog sniffing some mushrooms while you’re out for a walk, pull them away quickly. Even if you think you know the kind of mushroom your dog is sniffing, it’s still safer to not let your pet eat it. The risk of something going wrong there is just too great.

Be Wary of the Treats You’re Serving at Home

Fall is also a time for family gatherings and celebrations. That means you’ll be busting out the holiday treats. Remember that some of those treats can be bad for your dog.

Keep an eye on the holiday spread and make sure that your pet doesn’t get to anything that could be bad for them. It’s also a good idea to remind your guests that some of the treats are not safe for dogs. A little reminder such as that can be very helpful so do not hesitate to share it.

The fall season can present some unexpected dangers to your pet dog. Avoid those hazards by following the tips we highlighted in this article.

We at TAILored Pet Services can keep watch over them as they go on their daily walks to avoid Fall hazards such as mushrooms. Learn more about our services today by calling 425-923-7791 or by browsing our website.



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