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Emotional Support Animals-How They Help Their Owners

People seek out emotional support animals because they want companionship. The current state of their mental health may be weighing heavily on them and they need a pet nearby to keep them company.

As a pet owner, you’re likely well aware of how much joy cats and dogs can provide.

But how do people specifically benefit from having an emotional support cat or dog? That’s the question we’ll be answering in this article. Please continue reading to learn more about the most notable benefits of having an emotional support animal.

Help People Cope with Mental Illnesses

Mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder can be incredibly difficult to deal with. They can truly be overwhelming at times.

It really helps to have an emotional support pet when those illnesses start to take hold. The companionship provided by emotional support animals makes it easier for people to face their illnesses.

Although getting an emotional support animal is certainly not enough to treat the illness, having your pet around still helps out a lot.

Emotional Support Animals Can Help Improve a Person’s Physical Condition

Emotional support pets can do more than just improve your mental health. They can also improve your physical wellbeing.

According to VeryWell Mind, studies have indicated that emotional support animals can help people handle pain. Their presence can even contribute to a pet owner registering a lower blood pressure.

When you consider what emotional support animals can do for their owners, it’s not a surprise to learn that even someone’s physical condition can improve due to their presence.

Assist with Loneliness

Sometimes, you just want someone around who will keep you company throughout the day and that’s a role emotional support animals are perfectly suited for.

Senior citizens in particular can benefit from having emotional support animals around. Otherwise inactive and unenergetic senior citizens may perk up once they see their beloved pets.

The benefits that emotional support animals provide to people are very real. Do not shy away from getting an emotional support pet of your own if you want to experience the benefits we discussed in this article.

Make sure your emotional support pets receive the care they deserve even while you’re away. Contact us at TAILored Pet Services and we’ll keep your pets company. Call us at 425-923-7791 or visit our website to find out more about cat sitting or dog boarding.



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