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Dry Nose: Common Explanations for It

The nose is a vital organ for any cat or dog. Those furry friends of ours rely on their sense of smell to find food. Cats and dogs also use their sense of smell to identify the people and other animals around them.

Inspect your pet’s nose and you’ll likely find that it’s wet. As we discussed in an earlier article, a wet nose is normal. It is even helpful to cats and dogs.

But what about the opposite? Is it normal for your pet’s nose to be dry?

A dry nose can be normal, but it can also be symptomatic of an underlying issue. Find out why your pet’s nose is dry by going through this article.

Your Pet’s Nose Is Naturally Dry

It’s important to note that all cats and dogs have wet noses most of the time.

As the ASPCA points out, some cats simply have dryer noses. That’s just a natural trait that some cats have.

Dry noses can also be common in dogs, especially if they’re older. You may even notice that your dog’s nose is getting dryer as they age.

Your Pet Was Somewhere Warm

Cats and dogs tend to prefer staying in warm places. If the spot they’re staying in is on the warmer side, the moisture on their nose may disappear. This commonly happens after your pet slept in a warm spot for a while.

Your Pet Was Active Causing a Dry Nose

The moisture on your pet’s nose may disappear if they’re active. That can happen after walking your dog. Some cats also tend to have dry noses after playing around.

Environmental Factors

The current weather conditions can also explain why your pet’s nose is dry. The dry air can cause your cat or dog’s nose to lose moisture quickly.

Too much sunlight can also damage your pet’s nose. Avoid exposing your pet to too much sunlight to avoid that issue.

Illness Could Cause a Dry Nose

An illness can also explain why your pet’s nose is dry. We’ll talk more about the conditions that can cause the nose to dry out in a future article.

Too much heat can dry out your pet’s nose and dehydrate their body as well. Make sure your pet is always comfortable and hydrated by partnering with us at TAILored Cat Services. We will watch over your pet while you’re out of town to handle other matters. Reach out to us today by either calling 425-923-7791 or by filling out our online form.



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