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Doorways: Training Puppies To Avoid Dashing Through Them

Puppies are bundles of boundless energy. That’s just their nature. They will run all over the place if you let them.

Many of us love puppies precisely because they are so cute and energetic. However, there are times when all that energy can manifest itself in a potentially bad way.

After seeing your front door swing open, your puppy may take it as an invitation to sprint out of your home. It’s not hard to imagine how that can turn out badly.

In this article, we will offer tips for curbing your puppy’s instinct to dash out of doorways. Try them out yourself and see how effective they are.

Install an Indoor Playpen

First off, you should look into purchasing and installing an indoor playpen.

Keep your puppy in the playpen whenever someone is entering or leaving your home. That will prevent them from bolting out of the doorway. You can keep using the playpen until such time that your puppy drops that dangerous habit.

When picking an indoor playpen, pay close attention to its size. Make sure your puppy has enough room to stand and run around in there. It should also be big enough for their food and water bowls.

The material makeup of the playpen matters too. You will need a plastic or metal playpen if you have an older dog. For a puppy, Petguide notes that fabric or wire playpens should suffice.

Inform People in Your Household about the Puppy’s Dashing From Doorways

Preventing your pup from rushing out the door every time it opens is a collective effort. Tell everyone in your household about it so they are more mindful of your puppy whenever they open the door.

Ask them to put the puppy in the playpen before they leave. That way, they can leave without the puppy being put at risk. They can also tell you whenever they’re heading out so you can check where your pet is beforehand.

Don’t Forget about Bathroom Breaks

Maybe the reason why your pup’s so eager to go out is that they need to handle their business. You’ve taught them to do that outside so suddenly stopping them from leaving may put them in a confusing and uncomfortable position.

Do not forget about your puppy’s scheduled potty breaks. Remember to take them outside regularly so they don’t try to make a break for your yard every chance they get.

Enter or Exit Your Home Using Doorways Other than the Front Door

Early on, your puppy may try to run out of your home every chance they get. You’ve been able to catch them so far, but you’re worried that they’ll get away at some point.

While you’re working on teaching your pet not to run through the front door every time, consider using a different way to enter and exit your home.

Use a backdoor or maybe one that’s attached to your garage. Just avoid the front door for now while you teach your puppy.

Bolting through the doorway whenever it’s open is a bad habit that some puppies have. Follow the tips for stopping that habit by using the tips we have provided.

Watching over your new puppy can use up a lot of your time and energy. While you’re focused on teaching them not to dash out of doorways, you’ll need someone to look after your other pets. Contact us at TAILored Pet Services and we’ll take on that job. Find out more about our dog walking services by either calling/texting 425-923-7791 or completing contact form on our website.



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