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Benefits of Online Vet Services

Taking your cat, dog, kitten, or puppy to the veterinarian is a must if they are dealing with a medical emergency. Do not hesitate to take your pet to the veterinary clinic because things could get worse in a hurry.

Still, not every medical situation doubles as an emergency. There is another way to determine what’s wrong with your pet that doesn’t involve leaving your home. The solution in question involves signing up for an online consultation with a veterinarian.

Here in this article, we’ve highlighted the main benefits of using online vet services. Check them out and see if they are benefits that appeal to you.

Online Vet Services Are Convenient

For many, the most appealing aspect of online vet services is just how convenient they are. If you signed up and paid for the service ahead of time, you should be able to get the advice you need in no time.

Just go to the website of your chosen telehealth provider and use your preferred method of communicating with the veterinarian. Just about all providers of online veterinary care offer live chatting with the veterinarians on their payroll. Aside from live chatting, you may also be able to call or videoconference with the veterinarian.

No matter which method of communicating with the veterinarian you choose, they are all convenient options.  You don’t have to reserve your weekend for a vet visit or take a sick day from work just to speak to a veterinarian. The vet consultation can take place right from the comfort of your living room.

Address Your Lingering Concerns

Is this the first time you’re caring for a cat or dog? If so, you can expect the experience to be both fulfilling and stressful at certain points.

For instance, you may not know exactly what to do after your pet was just spayed or neutered. The veterinarian told you to keep the Elizabethan collar on your pet, but you forgot to ask how long that is required.

Instead of going back to the veterinarian, you just speak to one online. Tell the vet when your pet underwent the surgery as well as their condition. After you provide those details, the veterinarian should be able to give you some guidance.

A surgical would opening up demands an immediate visit to the vet, but minor concerns can be addressed online.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Pet’s Current Condition

Uncertainty is an emotion that many pet owners are familiar with. If you see your pet vomit for seemingly no reason, you cannot help but wonder if they are dealing with a serious health issue.

Of course, we all cannot drop everything right away to go to the vet. Given the condition of your pet, you may also be unsure if a visit to the clinic is even needed.

Those reasons point to why online vet services are so helpful.

After connecting with a consultant, you can ask them why your pet vomited. They may also be able to tell you if a visit to a nearby veterinary clinic is required.

Get Advice Whenever You Need It

Pet health problems are unpredictable. You never know when they will occur and so it’s hard to be prepared all the time.

Thankfully, online vet services provide you with ways to get the information you need no matter the time of day.

This article from Insider highlights some of the top providers of online vet services today. As you can see, many of them offer access to 24/7 live chatting with licensed professionals.

A visit to a veterinary clinic’s emergency room can be very expensive. By consulting with a veterinarian online first, you may be able to avoid that pricy visit.

Online Vet Services Are More Affordable

More than a few pet parents hesitate to go to the veterinarian because a single visit can be quite expensive.  Online vet services are considerably more affordable.

We want to be clear and state that online vet services should not take the place of visits to the veterinarian. However, they can be cost-effective means of understanding the minor concerns you have regarding your pet.

 Keep Your Pet Comfortable during the Consultation

It’s no secret that visits to the veterinarian can be stressful for our pets. The last thing they probably want to do is to visit an unfamiliar location when they aren’t feeling well.

Instead of stressing your ailing pet further, you can just opt for an online vet consultation. Going to the veterinary clinic may still be required later on if your pet has a serious health issue. Then again, you may be able to bypass that if the health issue in question turns out to be pretty minor.

Online vet services have their limitations, but they also present genuine benefits to pet owners. Signing up for one could prove to be a move that pays huge dividends for you and your pet.

Do you need help watching over an ailing pet ahead of their online consultation? If so, we at TAILored Pet Services want to offer our assistance. Email us through our contact form so we can explain how we can help.



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