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Bees: Reason Why Pets Are Drawn to Them

Summer’s here and for many of us, that means heading out to have some fun under the sun. Maybe you’re planning a trip to the beach or just a hike around the woods in your area. As a pet owner, you’re probably thinking of bringing your cat or dog along for the trip as well.

Heading out together with your pet is a great idea! That said, it doesn’t come without some level of risk.

While outside, your cat or dog may notice some bees and chase after them. Things can take a real turn for the worse from there.

But why do our pets behave that way around bees? What is it about bees that they find so fascinating? Find out the answers to those questions by reading on.

An Attraction to Movement

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs are attracted to bees for a very simple reason. Because bees fly around, they tend to capture the attention of dogs.

Your pet dog is probably curious about that bee moving all over the place. To satisfy their curiosity, they close in and try to sniff the bee as they would any other thing that catches their eye.

It’s the same thing for cats. Cat owners know all about how entranced some felines get by objects moving around in the wind. It should really come as no surprise that they will also attempt to approach a bee flying close by.

Getting Annoyed By Bees

The other reason why cats and dogs may chase after a bee is because they’re annoyed. They may sense the buzzing sound produced by the bee and get annoyed by it.

If a bee flies close enough, that may also trigger a defensive reaction from your pet.

Most pets don’t interact with bees on a regular basis. Because of that, their curiosity may get the better of them if a bee is in their vicinity. Watch over your pet whenever they’re outside because those interactions with bees can go bad in a hurry.

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