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Bee Sting: What To Do If Pet Is Stung

A bee sting is bad news. Notably, they are bad news both for us and for our pets.

If your pet cat or dog receives a bee sting, they may start feeling unwell rather quickly. You may start to notice a spot on their body swell up. They may also start to suffer from a bout of diarrhea and/or vomiting.

In really serious cases, your pet may experience difficulty breathing. They may even collapse not long after being stung.

As their pet parent, it’s your job to act quickly and administer first aid. Detailed below are the things you must do in order to help your pet who has just been stung by a bee.

Remove the Stinger

Bees leave behind their stinger after they attack. If your pet has been stung, you must first concentrate on removing that stinger.

Don’t just try to pull the stinger out forcefully though.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, squeezing the stinger can lead to more venom being pumped into your pet’s body. Their condition could worsen because of that.

Instead, you should try to scrape the stinger off with either your fingernails or a flat item like a credit card.

Cool Down the Spot That Was Stung by the Bee

Next up, grab a towel and run it under some cold water. Wring the towel to remove excess water and then wrap it around the area stung by the bee. Doing this should help reduce the swelling.

You can also wrap a towel around an ice cube and use that to cool the spot down. Do that after you’ve exposed the spot to some cold water first. That should stop them reacting adversely to the cold temperature.

Take Your Pet Cat or Dog to the Veterinarian

Medication may be needed if a significant amount of venom has been injected to your pet’s body. Avoid buying the medication on your own though because you cannot be certain about how it may affect your pet.

Pay a visit to the vet instead and ask them what to do. They can provide safe medication if your pet does indeed need it.

Do not panic if your pet cat or dog receives a bee sting. Stay calm and follow the steps we detailed above so you can help your pet effectively.

A pet stung by a bee may have to spend some time at the hospital. Keep your ailing pet company at the hospital while we at TAILored Pet Services watch over your other pets at home. Reach out to us by either calling 425-923-7791 or by heading to our website.



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