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Wounds: First Aid Kit Items To Dress Them

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, but for plenty of dog owners, the safety of their pets including wounds is something they have to worry about throughout the year.

As lovable as dogs are, they also have this troublesome tendency to needlessly put themselves at risk. Lose your grasp on your dog’s leash even just for a moment and he/she could go running off somewhere sustaining different wounds and other injuries in the process.

If you like to explore the wilderness together with your dog, injuries will also be nearly impossible to avoid.

It’s best to prepare yourself adequately for those unfortunate situations by putting together a first aid kit for dog health. The items listed below are ones you’ll want to include in that kit as they are essential for dressing wounds.

Special Bandages

The bandages we use for our wounds don’t work as well on dogs. That’s due in part to the fact that they have fur. If you use a regular bandage on your dog, you may end up ripping out some clumps of fur later on.

For covering wounds on your dog’s body, the American Kennel Club recommends using self-adhering bandages. These will cover up the wounds nicely without sticking to your dog’s fur in the process.

Cotton Balls

You cannot just splash hydrogen peroxide or some other disinfecting agent on your dog’s wound. The disinfectant must be applied gently to ensure that your pet will not react negatively to it. Understanding that, be sure to use a cotton ball as an applicator as it will not irritate your dog’s wound any further.


A muzzle may seem like an odd item to include in a first aid kit, but it’s actually useful for you and your dog. Dressing wounds can sting and your dog may respond to what you’re doing by biting.

Put the muzzle on your dog first before proceeding to clean up the wound so that additional accidents can be avoided.

Cuts and wounds on your dog’s body should not be taken lightly. They can lead to infections and cause more serious problems if left unaddressed. By keeping a first aid kit nearby, you can keep a minor injury from turning into something more problematic.

Never let your dog outside without supervision. If you need someone to look after your precious pet, you can call TAILored Pet Services who all employees are Certified in Pet First Aid/CPR. Simply call us at 425-923-7791 or email through our website to learn more.