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Teaching Cats to Swim

Not all cats hate the water. As we established previously, some breeds even like cooling off by bathing or swimming. Knowing that, you may even be wondering now if you can teach your pet to swim.

The good news is that learning to swim is a possibility for most cats, but you have to be careful about how you teach them. If you fail to guide your pet correctly, he/she may develop a real fear of the water.

Find out how to properly teach cats how to swim by following the tips detailed below.

Start Teaching Early

In that previous article, we noted that the early experiences cats have with water can have significant impact on whether or not they will like it. What that means is that you have to familiarize them with the water as soon as possible.

Introduce your pet to the water at an early age and see if they like it. If your pet does show a fondness for the water, you can slowly teach them how to swim.

Create a Safe Swimming Environment

You cannot just throw your cat into the swimming pool and expect him/her to figure things out. As the pet parent, you have to guide them during this early stage.

To make the learning process easier, The Happy Cat Site suggests creating a makeshift pool. A tray filled with some water should work for kittens.

After a while, your pet can shift to using the swimming pool.

Pet Central recommends adding a ramp to the pool so that your cat can enter and exit the water easily. You should also consider joining your pet in the pool so that he/she can approach you if needed.

In order to ensure the safety of your pet even further, have him/her wear a life vest. It’s also a good idea for you to learn how to administer CPR on a cat so that you can quickly respond should an emergency arise.

Dry Your Cat after Swimming

Lastly, remember to dry your cat thoroughly before you finish for the day. Cats may grow uncomfortable if their fur stays wet for too long. By drying them off properly, you can keep them from disliking the water.

You should also use some cotton balls to clean out your cat’s ears. This is a necessary step that will prevent your pet from developing a potential infection.

Teaching your cat how to swim is possible, but you have to follow the right steps to accomplish that goal. Try out the tips we laid out in this article and see how well they work out for your beloved furball.

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