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Swimming Is Not Out of the Question for Cats

When describing domestic cats, people may mention they love fish, startle easily, and hate being in the water. It’s true that most cats do have a fondness for fish and that they have a tendency to get surprised quickly, but is their fear of water a fact as well?

Well, that’s not necessarily the case.

The reality is that the relationship between most house cats and the water is more complex than what many of us assume. We’ll take a closer look at that relationship in this article.

By the end of this write-up, you’ll understand why teaching your pet cat to swim is not really an impossible goal.

Do Cats Really Hate Water?

You’ve probably seen cats get splashed with just a bit of water and watched as they scamper away. They look absolutely frightened by the water.

That means they really hate it, right? Well, it’s possible that your pet does indeed hate water, but that’s not a given.

According to Cat Care of Vinings, whether or not your pet likes or dislikes the water could have a lot to do with their previous experiences.

Cats that had a negative experience with the water will likely remain afraid of it as they grow. The same is expected of cats who had little to no experience interacting with water beyond drinking it.

Meanwhile, cats that did have positive experiences being in the water growing up will likely take no issue with getting splashed every now and then.

Cat Breeds That Love Water and Might Like Swimming

Certain cat breeds love being in the water.

According to Pet Place, Turkish Van, Savannah, and Bengal Cats are among the breeds that exhibit fondness for the water. In addition to those breeds, Norwegian Forest Cats, Manxes, Maine Coons, Japanese Bobtails, and Abyssinians also don’t mind their fur getting a little wet.

If your pet belongs to one of those breeds, he/she may even be open to taking a swim with you.

Should You Teach Your Cat to Swim?

Now that we’ve established that not all cats hate the water, does this mean that you should start teaching your pet now? It still depends on how your pet reacts.

Don’t force your pet to swim or else you could just end up traumatizing him/her. If your cat does display an interest in swimming, then please check out next week’s article for additional pointers.

We at TAILored Cat Services can watch over your pet as you go on vacation. We’ll make sure he/she doesn’t get into trouble near the water while you’re away. Contact us through 425-923-7791 or browse our website to learn more about our services.



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