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Strays-What to Do When They Approach You

Few things can warm your heart quite like strays approaching you. It’s like the cat in question has decided that you are the person most deserving of their trust and attention.

Before you open up your home to your new feline friend, you must do a few things first however. In this article, we’ll talk about the steps you must take before you consider welcoming strays into your home.

Following these steps will keep the cat safe and also prevent unnecessary heartache in the future. Let’s get to those steps now!

Secure the Strays

The first step involves capturing the stray cat.

Even if your new friend has managed to survive outdoors all this time, that doesn’t mean that he/she is safe. Speeding vehicles, bad weather, and wild animals all pose serious threats to your stray friend.

You must capture the stray cat.

To do so, prepare a pet carrier or some kind of makeshift cage that can temporarily hold the stray cat. Next, try to lure the cat into the cage by offering some food and water. If the cat goes inside the cage, close it quickly and tightly to prevent a possible escape attempt.

Alternatively, you can also approach the cat carefully while making sure that your arms and face are properly protected. You should also prepare a blanket or thick cloth of some kind.

Attempt to grab the stray cat somewhere far from the road so that he/she does not run into any cars accidentally. The Humane Society recommends approaching the cat slowly and speaking to him/her softly to put him/her at ease.

Once you capture the cat, you should shelter him/her in a safe place. Your home is obviously a good choice but only do that if you don’t have other cats at home or if you can isolate the stray cat for a while.

Check if the Stray Cat Has an Owner

Don’t jump to the conclusion that you have a new cat just yet. Instead, use this time to check if your stray cat has an owner.

Look for a collar or a tag of some kind. If you don’t see any form of identification, Purina suggests checking out bulletin boards or newspapers for any listings about lost cats. You can also put up posters yourself to see if someone in your neighborhood will claim your stray friend.

Obviously, you must return your friend to his/her rightful owner if one emerges. If that doesn’t happen, then you can move forward with adoption and welcoming a new pet into your home.

When strays approaches you, take that as a sign that they want your help. Do your best to reunite them with their original owner or provide that loving home yourself if no one else is stepping up to the plate.

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