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Stray Cat-Caring for One Who Adopts You

No cat should ever have to experience a rough life in the wilderness. They are our friends and they deserve a loving home to stay in.

In last week’s article, we talked about the steps you need to take when you first encounter a stray cat. This time around, we’ll talk about how you should proceed if the cat you found is a real stray.

Let’s get into the tips for welcoming a stray cat into your home below.

Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for a New Cat

If you’ve cared for a cat before then your home is likely ready to welcome your stray friend. Just to be certain, check for any potential openings and close them down. The stray cat may feel uneasy inside your home at first and try to scamper through one of those openings.

Now, if you’re caring for other cats already, you must prepare an isolated space for your formerly stray companion. Your priority should be to help your pet feel comfortable inside your home first. Worry about socializing your pets later on.

Win Stray Cat Over with Food

Speaking to PetMD, Megan Phillips, the co-founder of the Colorado-based animal behavior consulting firm Train with Trust, said that food is “critical” to earning your new pet’s trust. Give your new pet healthy options such as fresh fish or some specially formulated cat food so that he/she starts warming up to you.

Don’t be discouraged if your new companion is still fearful of you even after you’ve provided food for a few days. It takes time to build trust with a former stray but your perseverance and patience will definitely pay off.

Take Your New Cat to the Veterinarian

Ideally, you should take your stray friend to the veterinarian as soon as you adopt him/her but that’s a tough ask.

The change in habitat is stressful enough.  Asking your new cat to get into your car for a visit to the vet may be pushing it especially if you’re trying that right away. He/she may get stressed out.

As long as your new pet presents no obvious signs of illness, you can hold off on the vet visit until your cat has gotten more comfortable. Once you get to the veterinarian, a thorough check-up will be required to see if anything is indeed ailing your feline companion.

Welcoming a stray cat into your home won’t always be easy but your efforts will be rewarded. Cats have plenty of love to give and you will be on the receiving end of countless cuddles if you decide to adopt the stray animal in your neighborhood.

Bringing a new cat into your home can be a challenge if you’re busy with your full-time job. Allow us at TAILored Cat Services to help. We can keep your new cat company as you tend to work-related matters.

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